Fish photos

(Gressak) #141

I dig those dark colors.

(Paul) #142

Mountain Galaxias.

A small freshwater species native to Australia, found in clear alpine streams. This species inhabits the same water as introduced trout species (Brown and Rainbow).

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this fish outside an aquarium. They don’t get very big, but are a pretty fish. I was able to scoop this one up while perusing the rocks and boulders for nymphs. They camouflage very well against the streambed.

(Peder) #143

(Jean Santos) #144

Around Grenoble in the French Alps, in the rivers above 1000 meters with lime stone, the trout are actually eating shrimp.
The water is crystal clear and you can often see the take while fishing with nymphs

This trout is a Mediterranean one, with 3 dark strips and tiny red marks

This one has still the fly in his mouth, a small shrimp mounted on a #16 hook

(Peder) #145

I got out for a few hours this morning up in the mountains. Initially, it was cold and the fish were not cooperative.

I saw my first mountain strawberry blossoms of the year.

After a couple of hours, when the sun started coming over the mountains, it finally started warning up a little. These are the first trout lily (Erythronium americanum) of the year.

One that happened, it was as if a switch was flipped on and the fish started getting active.

They were surprisingly big for this time of year.

It was a beautiful morning to have to myself.

(Gressak) #146


(David S Riley) #147

Very nice. How do you like your Karasu rod?


(Peder) #148

So far it’s brilliant David. It arrived about one week prior to trout season opening, so I’ve only had it about five weeks. Our spring weather has not been conducive to fishing either and I’ve only been out about five times; however, I really like how it casts.

Aside from my outing with @Gressak, I’ve been using a 5m #2.5 Oni LL and 1m of tippet and it casts lovely. The fish I caught above were in very heavy current and it handled them without concern.

Oddly, this is my first 3.6m rod and I now understand why it’s such a popular length. All my other rods are or have been either longer or shorter. The only exception is my Daiwa Seiryu X35, but I much prefer this over that.

I was speaking with a friend last night and our trout season has been very odd this year. Early spring, the water levels were very high and fast and there was little fish activity. Now, the water levels are what we typically see mid-summer (meaning quite low) and the fish have noticably more size to them despite low insect activity; also associated more with mid-summer. Last but not least, the fish are holding rather deep right now.

I only mention this for the fact that the Karasu handled the bigger fish in deeper water without question.

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #149

Is that ray skin used as a handle material? I have never seen this before but
it is beautiful. Wow! Nice fish Peder. What do you think of the Karsu?

(Peder) #150

You’ll have to ask @JeanSantos about the handle as that’s his rod.

See my post just prior to yours for the answer to your question. @davidsr asked just before you.

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #151

Thank you Peder. I hope maybe one day to purchase the 3.6 or 4.0 Karsu rod.
I’m happy that you enjoy fishing this rod. :wolf:

(Peder) #152

(Duncan Philpott) #153

(Duncan Philpott) #154

(Peder) #156

Well, since it’s been a little quiet around here, I thought I’d share a couple of photos from my long holiday weekend.

(Carl Anderson ) #157

Excellent photos! I have to ask, what camera are you using? The resolution is great. I need to get something beside my iPhone for outdoors photography.

(Duncan Philpott) #158

Hey Carl, usually just my iPhone, but in this case I used a Fuji X100 as well, my other compact that I tend to use while fishing is a Canon G7x. (all shots in the following post are iPhone)

(Duncan Philpott) #159

(Carl Anderson ) #160

Sheesh, I need to get a new phone I guess! The camera in my 5 is terrible compared to the newer generations

(Duncan Philpott) #161

I use an iPhone 5 SE, these photos would have had some basic tweaking in instagram (not much in the way of filters though!)