Fish photos

(Duncan Philpott) #121

While I’m pining for the season to start I was fortunate enough to catch fish on a couple of continents during my travels.

Here are some of my favourites…

Close to home and near black in the peat-stained streams:

I recall this day being particularly challenging for no seemingly obvious reason, however this little chap saved it all:

(Duncan Philpott) #122

Splitting things over two posts here as I’m limited on the image posting!

Plenty of grayling on the run into winter, taking small dries on almost every outing.

Memorable trip to Colorado, fishing some bigger rivers and satisfying to still get some sub-surface takes with unweighted kebari

(Alton Farris ) #123

Nice Fish, never seen one before, don’t know if they have any in Tennessee

(Gressak) #124

(Paul) #125

Rainbow trout and Spiny Murray Crayfish, Victoria Australia.

(Paul) #126

Apologies for the low image quality. Fading light and an old camera.

Decent Brown from the local creek. The more I fish this creek the more I’m learning about where the fish like to stack up. Finding bigger ones too, just a tad too much to handle with the Sagiri 39MC.

(Rob) #127

I’ve caught some decent sized fish on the Sagiri including catfish. You just need to “walk” with them sometimes!

(Paul) #128

I’ve been surprised by how well the Sagiri handles the odd decent size fish, considering it is Hae rod.
The fish I hooked up before the one pictured above was bigger. It darted out from underneath a slab of aggregate concrete then simply went straight back. I was unable to coax it out and in the end it broke me off against the rock as I tried to hand winch it out.

(Jean Santos) #129

The snow is melting in the French Alps,

And the tiny brown beguin to rise to a dry fly

(Peder) #130

The first of the year.

Old man winter seems like he is finally willing to let go here in New England this year.

(Paul) #131

Debut fishing with the new rod, Suntech GMR Special II 36NP. Used as a small keiryu setup fishing with curl grubs. The rod is a cracker!

3 Browns

(David Walker) #132

Looks like a fun day.
Hopefully the cracker rod : Doesn’t crack. :roll_eyes:

(Steve) #133

What rod and specs? Thanks

(Peder) #134

Hi Steve. I hope this helps.

3.6m Karasu
4m fluorocarbon level line
1m 5.5x tippet

(Paul) #135

Jean that’s a beautiful looking rod, what is it?

(Mark Fishburn Jr) #136

Thought I would share a fish pic from my last trip as my first post here. I am very new to tenkara and enjoy it alot. I have been chatting with @Chris_Lynch alot and heard him mention this forum so I figured I would check it out :slight_smile:

(Peder) #137

Welcome to the forum @Flyfisherman88. Thanks for joining us and for sharing; beautiful rainbow.

(Duncan Philpott) #138

Some small stream delights.

And method of access, a nice 60km round trip from home, rod straps nicely under the top tube

(David S Riley) #139

Some nice water and lovely looking fells. Am green with envy.


(Peder) #140

Looks like brilliant fun @duncanp! Thanks for sharing.