Fish photos

(Duncan Philpott) #162

New rod and some shoddy photos!

(Rob) #163

Driftless brown

(Tom Davis) #164

Interesting looking brown. Very few spots.

(Rob) #165

That’s exactly what I thought when I caught it as compared to the others. This was the very last fish I caught on the trip.

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #166

A small brown trout I caught.:wolf:

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #167

Here is a largemouth bass I caught. The 5X tippet broke and I lost the fly.:wolf:
Next time I will use the net.

(Mark Fishburn Jr) #168

Got this redeye today with my daiwa seiryu x45 with some large size 6 kebari :grinning:. Also got half a dozen sunfish but didn’t take any pics. Swapped to a 3wt to get a little extra distance and got another redeye and my firsts striper bass.

(Evan R.) #169

Went to a favorite little stream in the uplands about an hour north of Prague on Saturday a.m. Relatively few takes and no hookups on my olive kebari so I switched to a tungsten nymph and quickly caught eight of these guys. A great morning.

(Duncan Philpott) #170

80km pedal rounded off by some fishing!

(Gressak) #171

Not tenkara but thought I would share. I think this one might be a personal best for surfcasting.

48" It took a 12" wooden needlefish plug that a buddy of mine made. The length puts it into the 37-45# class. Fish was released and thanked me with a wall of water into my face.

I love this pic and my tiny baby hand.

My boots are 13".

the short story. The fishery is collasping and all the guys in my club are complaining about poor fishing. I go down to one of my spots and within an hour hook up with that thing…fight it…get it in and the rod snaps and the fish is 10 yards out. In the dark I still see the fish and my leader so I take two steps forward, grab my leader and pull that sucker up on the beach. Snap a couple photos, revive and release.

I get back up to the beach and grab my plug and start pulling line to get to the broken rod section. The line had broken without me knowing…hahaha…that fish was actually free a bird when the rod broke. I think the shrapnel from the graphite instantly cut the line. Before I grabbed the leader that fish had won and was free. What a bullet I dodged!!! It went from what could have been a fish story and a broken rod to a legitimate catch. I road the edge on this one.

(Mark Fishburn Jr) #172

Wow @Gressak! Thats an awesome fish! Striper correct? I caught my first striper a couple weeks ago. It was a small one but was exciting. Not at all close to the size of yours wow.

(Gressak) #173

Yes it is a striped bass. I have been targeting smaller models on fixed line. This one required a drag…hahahhaha. I keep my drag locked down and it probably is set in the 15-20# range. This critter seemed smaller during the initial fight and the drag only slipped a couple times, but once it realized the shoreline was in front of it it took a couple 40 yard runs. It was a pretty strong fish. The rod break may have been my error. Either I damaged it some time ago or my forcefulness with the fish on landing was the cause. Either way…its gonna cost me 250 to the top half of the surf rod replaced.

It is interesting, the only rods I have broken have been contemporary hi modulus graphite rods. The older formula rods I own, have outlasted them without failure. Sometimes that sensitivity comes at a cost. I like to browse the custom orders at tenkaraya. I noticed recently a lot of top tenkara sections being ordered. I guess I am not the only one finding the limits on rods.

(Mark Fishburn Jr) #174

I’ve been pretty lucky and have never broke a rod. I don’t get into many fish that test their limits much. I tend to use glass fly rod most when using western fly gear. They are pretty tough. Great catch though. Maybe I’ll get to catch something like that someday. Would like to catch some saltwater stuff.

(Chris Lynch) #175

IMG_20180525_102008 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

IMG_20180525_110641 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

IMG_20180525_123803 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

DSCF7207 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

DSCF7208 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #176

Wierd colored crayfish (crawdad) I saw while tenkara fishing for brook trout. The color from the photograph
is muted and does not do it justice. This thing was extremely bright fluorescent orange. These were all over
the stream bottom along with dark olive crayfish. I looked up crayfish of Virginia but could not find any similar
to this specimen. Found it on the North Fork of the Buffalo River near Amherst, VA.

(David Walker) #177

Yep. Kinda looks as if he’s already been cooked by the summer heat. :open_mouth:

(Evan R.) #178

Caught a few Vimba Bream (vimba vimba) here in Central Europe this weekend.

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #179

It looks like a white sucker or fallfish that we have in Eastern US (Virginia). Really cool.

(Rob) #180

(Vladimir Bushclyakov ) #181