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A place to talk about anything tenkara related! If you happen to talk about hybrid tenkara forms of fishing here, that's okay too.


A place to discuss telescoping rods like tenkara, keiryu, seiryu and more!

Off topic

Use this category to discuss anything and everything unrelated to tenkara or fixed-line fishing.

Camping & Outdoors

A place to discuss tenkara, camping, hiking and the great outdoors!

Kebari & Flies

A place to talk about kebari and all other types of flies used in tenkara!

Tenkara Lines

Use this category to discuss the various lines used for tenkara and other types of fixed line fishing.


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Site Maintenance & Suggestions

Information about this forum including but not limited to: Privacy Policy, FAQ, Etc.

Trip Reports & Planning

Are you planning a big trip to Japan? Share your thoughts here. Are you traveling to another state, province, prefecture, or region? Maybe someone here can suggest where to go or would even meet up with you to fish and show you around. Are you going down the road from where you live? You never know, maybe someone here is traveling to where you live and wants to know more. Also use this space to share the trips that you have taken, what gear you used, what kebari/flies worked well for you and anything else about your trip that you think others may enjoy.

Other Hobbies

Here's a place to talk about other non-fishing related topics that may strangely cross over into your fishing interests; or they may not. Just have fun.

Other Gear

This category is to discuss any other gear/kit you use before, during, or after tenkara fishing besides rods, lines, and flies/kebari.


This is a category that can get a little "off topic" from tenkara and fixed line fishing. Are you a Nipponophile in addition to loving fishing? Here's the place to talk about all things related to that. Do you love Japanese food? Here's your place. Are you heading to Japan to fish? Tell us about your plans here. Are you from Japan and want to share about your country? You get the idea.

Books & Other Reading

A place to talk about books, mooks, magazines, other websites and more!