Fish photos

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Use this topic to share photos of the fish that you catch. If the photos relate to other topics, please feel free to post them elsewhere as well.

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From yesterday at the Blue River in Oklahoma.

(Peder) #4

It looks like it was a good day Rob!

(Chris Lynch) #5

If i caught fish i could post here haha

(Kohei Yamamoto ) #6

I want to catch trouts actually, these fishes are the targets for Tenkara training.

(Chris Lynch) #7

is that all near your home in Fukuoka? Looks like the fish I have here in Alabama.

(Kohei Yamamoto ) #8

Yeah the pond nearby Fukuoka airport, less than 15 minutes by car.
Large mouth bass, pan fish, and carp.
Carp is tough and strong, like big trouts, I like it.

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(Chris Lynch) #10

my wife and i were both off today, so after running around town taking care of some errands, I took her by one of the (yes) ditches that I yank sunfish out of in the warmer months.
This was her first time going to a very productive spot with me, instead of tricky wild trout waters, and she enjoyed it. Hooked into a bunch of green sunfish, but last one before we left was this beauty of a redbreast. Had her use my Seiryu-X 45 for this one, and she was blown away at the “fight” the little fish put up on the soft rod. Was fun to watch haha.

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(Chris Lynch) #12


New personal best Redeye Bass, specifically Micropterus warriorensis, or the Warrior Bass.

(David S Riley) #13

Interesting looking fish. It’s got a large head. Do they grow to any size and what fly did you get it on.?


(Chris Lynch) #14

This is the biggest I’ve caught, and they don’t get much bigger. True redeye bass are possibly the smallest of the black bass family. Here in AL we refer to them as “Alabama Brook Trout”, because they are aggressive, live in cool places, look awesome, and are just a ton of fun to chase.
Usually I use poppers and big dries, but took this one on a size 12 terrestrial that a buddy of mine here in AL ties, he calls it the “Only” fly. Little generic bug pattern that works great.

(Rob) #15

(Peder) #16

Not the biggest of the day, nor the smallest. But it was the first of the season.

(Jean Santos) #17

Hi everybody, I don’t post very often because writing English is a challenge for me.

However , here are some pictures of the river I fish in France and the tiny brown that live there.

I love the trout …and my wife loves daffodils

Yesterday daffodils where growing and remind me William Wordsworth’s poem
“And then my heart with pleasure fills
And dances with the daffodils.”

(Peder) #18

Thanks for sharing @JeanSantos. Beautiful photos and your English is fine, by the way.

(Evan R.) #19

Nice day on the stream today with my wife and daughter. Before we left the house I tied The World’s Worst San Juan Worm™ with pink chenille. It was terrible, but I thought “whatever” and threw the worm in my fly box.

We got to the stream and I fished for a few hours in the afternoon. I couldn’t figure out where the fish were, but it was fun. Saw a few brown trout, but no bites.

Towards sundown I started seeing fish. Most visibly there was a number of small (3-5 inch / 8-13 cm) silver fish on the far bank of the stream. Just as we were getting ready to leave I decided to try the The World’s Worst San Juan Worm™ and see what that would do. I had fun teasing the little silver fish with it for about 10 minutes. They were following the worm and trying to bite, but I couldn’t hook one.

My wife said, “Can I try it?”

2 minutes later she had hooked a nice little (8 inch / 20 cm) European chub. Her first time fishing, ever.

Chub 6 May 2017

(Chris Lynch) #20

Nice little green sunfish on… a mouse fly.
This is one of the “creeks” (ditch) that I fish here in town, minutes from work and home. There was a dude under the bridge throwing a worm and bobber. In the 20-30 minutes i was there, i caught at least 2 dozen like this, some bigger some smaller, he caught none.