Fish photos

(Paul Gaskell) #101

I almost forgot - you can just about see my 10colors buff proudly on display :):grin:

(Joakim Karlsson) #102

I had to hike up to the lake today. It’s gorgeous up there right now.

(Jean Santos) #103

Hello tenkara fellows around the world,
The fising season closed three week ago here in France and we went fishing some Alpine streams ant hicked up to a lake above 2600m.

The fish here were mostly Salvelinus Alpinus( a specie of char) They are tiny but very funny to fish . They don’t hesitate to rise to a fly as big as them.

There are also a few brownws, here’s my last fish of 2017 season.

Sometimes a bigger one can be a nice surprise, my friend Guilhem hooked a pair of nice brown that gived him a good fight

(David S Riley) #104

Thank you for sharing. That looks a very nice place to fish. I enjoyed the YouTube video too.

(David Walker) #105

Aloha Jean, thanks for posting.
Funny just a few days ago I thought I should email you and ask how the summer fishing season went for you. It went well I think from the pictures, and the nicely filmed video. Was it self filmed? For some reason it made me think of Gaurav Jani’s self filmed video, “Riding Solo to the Top of the World.” Solo filming takes a lot of effort.

I wonder what species of fish live in the streams in the Himalayas ?

Strong winds yesterday blew away the warm weather of the past three weeks. The temperatures have dropped 20˚ F. Just as I am planning on heading out in a few days for probably my last fishing trip this year. But maybe one more later if the temperatures rise again for a few more weeks. I am a fair weather angler.

(Jean Santos) #106

Thank You DavidSR for your comments.I’m really happy to be part of the Tenkara community

Thank You too DavidW for the link to Gaurav Jani’s video.

Himalaya look a nice a nice place to fish. . They seem to have nice barbelfish

My friend Guilhem was the cameraman of the little video, using his smart phone while fishing together.

Take care of you

(Jeff Roberts) #107

Spotted bass today…

(David Walker) #108

Taken on a fly or a Daiwa spoon?

(Jeff Roberts) #109

.4g gold color Daiwa vega spoon… shhhh. Hahaha

(Colby Farquhar) #110

That’s a trip I hope to make in 2018, awesome looking fish!

(Jeff Roberts) #111

Had a blast hunting brood fish at a local pond with the TB40 today! Largest went 21inches! The smaller one is around 18inches.

(Peder) #112

Nice color and size on those fish. Fun way to end the year.

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #113

WOW!!! What beautiful Bows! Great job Jeff.

(Chris Lynch) #114

awesome color for brood fish!

(Jeff Roberts) #115

Thanks for the replies guys! It was a fantastic day. I had to truly hunt the fish as they were stacking right up on the bank of the pond. Spent many moments crawling to get within casting distance. Lol. Tenkara reminds me of the difference in hunting with a bow vs a gun. The intimacy it allows the angler vs western fly gear is what I love so much!

(Horia Popescu) #116

Nice fish. Did you get them on flies or you got them on micro spoons?

(Jeff Roberts) #117

These two took kebari style flies. I have caught a brood fish on the .4g Vega spoon in nightmare color before though.

(Mike Kotowski) #118

Despite temperatures in the 50s/60s this weekend, there was still ice on certain parts of the stream. I was fortunate to be able to pull up a couple of really nice brookies from the bottoms of deep pools.


(Peder) #119

Beautiful! I’m so jealous, I still have to wait until April.

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #120

Amazing catch!!! What beautiful trout. :wolf: