Fish photos

(Chris Lynch) #81

Late post, but here’s a sweet spotted bass that was a blast on the Seiryu-X 45:
20597218_10213914725887679_1290681336738752371_n by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

(Jay Johnson) #82

Here’s a couple native trout from Arizona:

Gila Trout

Apache Trout

(David Walker) #83

Noooo, 'fraid not. I still have mine.
Just before TFForum closed you had a friend you believed was hot to buy one. I offered that maybe we could make a deal, have him email me, but I never heard from the guy.

(Anthony Naples) #84

I sold a soyokaze to somebody - don’t remember who though

(Joakim Karlsson) #85

I had a theory about a certain place, and it exceeded my expectations. Many good-sized brookies today.

(Evan R.) #86

That fish is beautiful. Maybe I can get invited back to Söderbärke someday…

(Joakim Karlsson) #87

Söderbärke isn’t far from here. My door is open to everyone, plenty of space.

(Paul Gaskell) #88

English (Yorkshire) grayling in Saitou-san net made from “suzutake” species bamboo.

(Paul Gaskell) #89

Brown/Marble hybrid from Italian Dolomites

(Paul Gaskell) #90

Dolomites Brookie

(Paul Gaskell) #91

Iwana, Itoshiro

(Paul Gaskell) #92

Yamame, Shirakawa-go

(Peder) #93

You’ve been fishing in the Dolomites recently?

Absolutely lovely part of the world.

(Paul Gaskell) #94

Those two pics were from last year, but JP and Vito went back this year too. I’m hopefully going next summer again.

(Joakim Karlsson) #95

Fantastic photos Paul, thanks for sharing.
The Dolomites seems great, on the bucket list for sure, a long with the Pyrenees.

(Evan R.) #96

Not fair, Paul: I was trying to get some writing done and then I saw your photos and now all I can think about is fishing. :slight_smile:

The Dolomites are amazing — I’ve never fished there but I’ve done some good snowboarding and a lot of eating there. The restaurants are incredible.

(Paul Gaskell) #97

There is a small chance that we (me and JP) will be able to run a tenkara onstream seminar event there next year with some special Japanese guest instructors. I really hope that one comes off as the food, people, rivers, scenery and more are just stunning. The rivers, structurally, have quite a Japanese flavour while still being unique to their local geography and culture.

Keeping everything crossed.


(Gressak) #98

Those pics are sick…just beautiful.

(Paul Gaskell) #99

There’s a few more from the Dolomites in the Spring Tenkara Angler issue from earlier this year (on p92):

(Paul Gaskell) #100

Did a tenkara demo yesterday at a “World Rivers Day” event in Grantham…Had a little casting demo area roped off in a nice park next to a river where habitat restoration works had been done (shared with the excellent Peter Arfield who was doing western casting demos).

Although a couple of trout were spotted, these always got spooked by members of the public before I could do a fishing demo targeting them. But I did manage to find some willing chub and dace to show a few fly manipulations to.
Thanks to Tom Cull for the photos below: