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(Peder) #61

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So, I was on my way to a board meeting for work (where I sit as I write this) after working 13 hours yesterday and it will be 12 hours by the time today is over. I was 30 minutes early and asked myself, “Do I want to sit and wait for the meeting to start or take a short detour and fish for 15 minutes?” You see my decision.

(David S Riley) #62

Nice one Peder.
You could say you were getting your thoughts together in preparation for your meeting.

(Peder) #63

Thanks David. Great idea.

It’s my largest brook trout this year at about 11" (27.5cm); which for most of the streams I fish, is pretty big. Where I caught it, the steam couldn’t have been more than 5’ (1.5m) wide though.

(Rob) #64

From the past weekend:

(Jerry Tropman) #65

One last day on our neighborhood creek before school starts. Not a bad morning at all between the chubs and trout! This 13 incher just had to have the size 14 green Sakasa Kebari.

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #66

Awesome!!! :cat:

(Evan R.) #67

Never knew I’d find North American brook trout in the middle of Europe, but I hooked a bunch of 10- and 11-inchers last weekend in a stream in East Bohemia, Czech Republic. They were first brought here in 1883, and are now found in both “native” (wild) populations, as well as spring stockers from local fishing clubs. Caught on pheasant feather kebari.

(Chris Lynch) #68

IMG_1380 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

My first wild brookie, and so i guess first native trout. Caught on a dry with my Soyokaze 24SR and badger floating line, minutes before eclipse started.

(Gressak) #69

Awesome Chris!!! What a gem…a fantastic first wild!

(David Walker) #70

Pretty fish, iconic tenkara kebari, classic lower jaw hook up.

(Peder) #71

I’ve had a crappy week at work so far and needed to get outside. Headed out after work tonight for about 90 minutes. Here’s the most beautiful of the evening.

(Anthony Naples) #72

small stream smallmouth

(Rob) #73

(todoroki toshirou) #74

Pretty awesome :star_struck:

(David S Riley) #75

Wow! I bet that pulled the ‘string’ !!

(Kohei Yamamoto ) #76

I’m so jealous because small mouth bass in Japan is only at lakes in colder area.
I’d love to try small mouth bass in the stream in the United States.
In my hometown Fukuoka, trouts or any other targets for tenkara are less than the other area. sigh

(Rob) #77

It got into fast water and I almost lost it.

(Anthony Naples) #78

I have smallmouth bass very close to home - I do feel very lucky. I have to drive 1.5 hrs or more for trout - so I go for smallmouth when I can’t get out for trout.

The downside is the local smallmouth creek gets high and off color very easy with just a little rain - and stays up for days - I have no luck fishing for smallmouth in high off color water - and this year has been very rainy

(Rob) #79

Ssssssssnake River cutt

(Chris Lynch) #80

And on the Soyokaze at that (I got it from you, right?). I love this damn rod. I am sure the Suntech GM27 is nice, but I looooooove this rod.