Fish photos

(David S Riley) #41

Nice one. There are some respectable looking fish there. Perch, or Redfins, as you guys ‘downunder’ call them are one of my favourite species.

Incidentally they taste very nice too. Many many years ago (60+) before ‘C & R’ was even thought about a freshly caught perch fried in bacon fat on the lakeside, was mouth watering.


(Paul) #42

You are correct, very tasty indeed.
Redfin are considered a noxious species so pretty much all reddies I catch end up filleted. Dusted in some flour with a little salt and pepper and cooked in butter.

(Chris Lynch) #43

Those Redfin look AWESOME, and i am sure they’re a ton of fun on a rod like the Sagiri!

(Evan R.) #44

Got a cute little rainbow and a decent (25 cm / 10") brown this morning. Even before I landed the brown I noticed the scars on his sides — looks like he got tangled up in mono a while back. Seemed healthy enough today — he hit my Goldkopf nymph like a hammer. Safely released back into the waters of North Bohemia afterwards.

(Chris Lynch) #45

that brown is F A T

(Mike Kotowski) #46

This one is pretty close to being a trophy in the streams I fish. Definitely the biggest brookie I’ve ever caught.

(Anthony Naples) #47

a few southwest PA wild fish - not big but naturally reproducing - so that’s always a joy

(Mike Kotowski) #48

Couldn’t agree more about wild fish. I often drive past stocked water just to get into a section of stream that has small wild brookies (or bigger wild brookies like the one I caught last weekend).

(Peder) #49

I’m the same way.

If the option is stocked versus nothing, I’ll fish for them; although it’s not my preference. I always go for wild fish first.

(Peder) #50

I got out for about two hours today. It was not a day of many fish, but it was definitely a successful day. The handful of fish I caught were in a river that I’ve been told numerous times there are no wild, native fish. It definitely tested my casting skills and stealth. It was a good day. Particularly the fact that I ended up fishing for the only few hours it didn’t rain today.

(Peder) #51

From today. Finally a day without rain.

(Chris Lynch) #52

awwww snap how do you like the S-X 35?

(Chris Lynch) #53

Good day on the redeye stream today:

IMG_0621 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

look at this photo. Just LOOK at it!
IMG_0554 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

different fish, same spot
IMG_0546 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

(Peder) #54

Man, this is nearly love for this rod. It’s really fascinating for me to think about how people all really like different rods. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to part with my Oni or Suntech; both killer rods with few comparisons. But I have to say, this rod is amazing. Absolutely perfect for the water that I fish on a regular basis and awesome for 6-10" (15-25cm) brook trout. It casts all of the flies I like to fish easily; including small bead heads without a problem. Personally, I really like it’s action and profile.

I got out for two hours this morning right after sunrise. I don’t usually care about catching a lot of fish; as long as there’s a few, I’m happy. But man it’s fun once in a while. I caught 23 in two hours this morning.

(Chris Lynch) #55

This longear had ridiculous colors! #nanfa #sunfish #untenkara #alabamaflyfishing by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

Quick catch while my boy was splashing around. #Mcahabae #cahababass #Alabama by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

(Peder) #56

A few from my early morning outing today.

(Chris Lynch) #57

awesome smallmouth! was that on the type iii?

(Peder) #58

Thanks Chris! When it hit, I thought it was a massive brown. Nope, second generation type 1.

(Peder) #59

I had some fun today. Wild fish, big or small are always fun.

(Peder) #60

A Vermont hat-trick in miniature, form a couple of days ago.