Fish photos

(Gressak) #222

Hit a wild brook this new years morning…hooked 2 landed one.
2019 Ice is broken with a nice little brook trout.

My insect ID is horrible…what is this guy?

(Warren Michael Kookagee Shelton) #223

This is a caddisfly (trichoptera). The species looks like the “Great Gray-spotted Sedge” Family: Hydropsychidae.
Scientific Name: Arctopsyche grandis. Second guess would be the “Cinnamon Caddis” Family: Hydropsychidae Scientific Name: Ceratopsyche bifida.

Gressak this is my best guess. When did you take the picture and where did you find the caddisfly (what state and what month). Also what was the weather like that day would be a big help (sunny, rain, morning, afternoon, hot,cold, etc…
Let me know and I can be a lot more accurate. I hope this helps some.

(Peder) #224

I’m not 100% certin (I’m still learning), but if it’s from a recent outing (I know that @Gressak has been out a few times the past week) and considering where he lives and has been fishing; I would guess it’s more likely to be dolophilodes distinctus or the winter caddis. If I’m wrong, I’m more than happy to be corrected.

If it’s from earlier in the year, then I would completely agree with you @Kookagee, as the cinnamon caddis is very common where @Gressak lives, especially during summer and early autumn.

(Gressak) #225

It was from yesterday. Funny in flight it looked like a caddis pattern fly…but on hand i had no idea what it was.

Sort of backwards perspective from a guy who knows some of the flies better than the insects they represent.

(Warren Michael Kookagee Shelton) #226

That sounds good to me. :smiley_cat: The first one I mentioned turns out to hatch at a different time
of year. I looked up your caddisfly and that is differently a much better match than my 2 suggestions. I’m glad you find my error and I stand to be corrected. Thanks for helping me Peder. It’s nice to know you are covering my 6.

(Warren Michael Kookagee Shelton) #227

I only gave a guess and by no way claim “King’s Knowledge” on benthic macro-invertebrates. Peder saved me on this one. Both of my suggestions were way off. Sorry for the misidentification. I promise I will do better next time. The Winter Caddis belongs to the family: Philoptamidea.

(Gressak) #228

Keep in mind i had no idea…hahaha.
I am the Magoo of the flyfishing world…never an appology necessary.

Thank you for your replies…i appreciate them all.

To note too in the event of misunderstanding…the guy i am referring to in my previous note is me…and the caddis fly i am noting is a flyfishing fly not the insect. Like my recognition of the artificial is greater than the natural.