Fish photos

(Mike Shelton) #202

If the stream is in the forest and swamps there might be an increase in tannic acid causing the water to be more tea colored thus the trout would darken its body color to blend in more with its surroundings. This is really cool.

(Vladimir Bushclyakov ) #203

Отличный ответ,весёлой рыбалки!
Great answer, fun fishing!

(Mark Fishburn Jr) #204

Between friday last week and today I fished the same park twice. Caught quite a few fish. Here are some of the pretty ones. Also I have come to really enjoy the shimotsuke kiyotaki rods. Used the 330 size both trips. It has worked great with weighted nymphs.

(russell austin) #205

Some really amazing shots in this thread. So many beautiful species and great to see some of the locations other members frequent. This may be partly cheating in that the shot I’m posting is from a trip this past March, but it’s been a brutal summer of heat here in Austin, not much fishing for me and was reliving some recent memories.

Looking forward to cooler weather and some trips lined up in the coming months!!!

(Mike Shelton) #206

That is a beautiful Bow you caught plus an excellent picture.

(russell austin) #207

Much appreciated Mike!

Landed that guy from a private stretch of water at our AirBnB in Carbondale, the property backed right up to the Roaring Fork (middle section). The owner of the property was absolutely the best host we could ask for, so if anyone is planning a trip in the future to that area I’d be happy to pass along some contact info. I know I’ll be heading back as soon as I can swing it.

(Rob) #208

All fish caught in Rocky Mountain National Park. All were caught in the Big T on day one. I didn’t catch another cutt the rest of the trip.

(Mike Shelton) #209

Beautiful trout, Rob. Great job on catching these fish. The Pictures are awesome!

(Jean Santos) #210

Hi Tenkara fellows around the world.:blush:
I love to fish during the late summer . Here the river Ardeche ( France) is quiet again and the little brown rise when you cast a kebari in the clear water.

Todoroki –san will certainly recognize one of his black&red kebari…the trout here seem to like Japanese food

(todoroki toshirou) #211

Je suis heureux aussi! Merci beaucoup :smile:

(Mike Shelton) #212

Awesome Jean. This is a beautiful river, brown trout, and kebari. I’m happy you are having a great time fishing.
Keep the line tight and enjoy the fish, my friend.

Mike :wolf:

(russell austin) #213

Absolutely beautiful fish there Rob, well done.

(russell austin) #214

Here’s a few pics from my recent Park City, UT (trip report posted in dedicated thread).


(Duncan Philpott) #215

The season has come to an end for trout here now. While I ended up fishing a lot of streamers on conventional fly tackle I find myself reminiscing already over some of fish from the past month or so from outings with the tenkara rod.

(Duncan Philpott) #216

And some from a couple weeks back where a friend came to stay and I got some rare photos of myself!

(Mike Shelton) #217

Awesome fish, Duncan. :wolf:

(Evan R.) #218

Yesterday afternoon the grayling were only hitting small surface flies. This guy took a size 20 CDC Iron Blue Dun.

Got a bunch of browns on beadhead nymphs, but the grayling weren’t interested in those at all.

(Gressak) #219

Hit the river the other day …it was warm for a change. Landed one brown and a couple rainbows.

Too many people on the river…reminded me why i fish mornings.

(Colby Farquhar) #220

A couple from soldier creek wilderness while on a hunting trip. This is what got me interested in tenkara, and it’s perfect for it

(Peder) #221

Nice autumn colors on that brookie, beautiful @Okcaveman.