Fish photos

(Peder) #242

Hahaha. Both are good thoughts.

(Brian H Smith) #243

OK just to clarify, Spring fed streams with no snow melt temperature in the low to mid 20sF

(Gressak) #244

Interesting. Are the springs underground… thus geo thermal? Just weird the banks seem melted and no signs of ice. What were the water temps? Considering those air temps, I would expect that the ice would start closing up that river considering the flow.

I have fished those temps but usually by accident or during days that will eventually crest freezing. I find below freezing a challeng and success more of a mystery on how and when fish will be active.

(Mike Kotowski) #245

Haven’t had many days on the water this year, but last weekend was beautiful in the VA mountains.

(Tyson Sparrow) #246

(Gressak) #247

Wow those colors are insane.

(Jean Santos) #248

The new fishing season is open , but the water in our rivers is still fresh with the snow melting.

We have to fish deep with nymphs but the trout may rise during one hour around none.

I’m wearing Ten colors tenkara, my buff is much appreciated , thank you Peder

(David Walker) #249

Jean, encouraging fun photos. Thank you.
Are your mountains there snow capped all summer or late into summer?

I was wondering if you have the same summer time phenomena there I have read about in Japan. Where the stream water is warmer in the morning than it is in the afternoon. The opposite from what is expected from sunshine warming the water by mid afternoon.

What happens is the water warmed by the ambient air temperature over night and by direct sunshine during the day. But also during the day, the sun shine warms and melts the ice high in the mountain tops, and by early afternoon enough ice cold water has had time to flow down the mountain and cool the water in lower streams. The drop in water temperature affecting fish activity and location in the afternoon.

(Jean Santos) #250

Hi David Thank you my friend. These lmountains near home are only 1000 meters high, after april all the snow is melt .
I don’t often fish in the Alps above 2000m but here the gacier melting is an issue during summer and the water remain very cold .

(Gressak) #251

blown out pics…but got a half dozen or so wilds the other day.

(Peder) #252

Nice colors!

(Gressak) #253

Got out today. Forecast said rain coming so i figured i had to act.

I was a cyclops today. One eye recovering frim a scratched cornea… the trout on my right were safe.

A many day…dropped as many as I landed…all wilds.

(Gressak) #254

The same river twice.

Fingers blue from my daughters easter egg she treated me to breakfast…hahaha.

(David Walker) #255

The word around here is that Molly Moochers (morels) are extra abundant this spring. As I was entering the post office the other day a woman was just exiting that had a bag full of ramps. Not quite sure why she had taken them into the post office or picked them up there. Close friends with one of the clerks I’d guess.

Lots of stuff starting to grow in the forest.

The only trout I’ve seen this spring are the 8 stocked trout a neighbor caught and gave to my mother-in-law. Who must be upset with me for some unknown reason. She asked me to clean them for her. :slightly_frowning_face:

(just kidding, arthritis in her hands makes it difficult for her to clean fish, I was happy (well, willing) to do it for her, and leave her all the fish too) Not a task I often do as I am mostly a C&R guy.

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(Evan R.) #256

The season opened last Tuesday here in the Czech Republic. Got three grayling and 20+ wild browns down in South Bohemia last weekend. Heading back soon.

(Jean Santos) #257

I love to cast my fly in difficult places. Late week I was fishing in a river with basaltic organs : the Ray Pic river in France

Obviously this spot was inhabited by a nice brown, it was very funny to see him rising at the second cast

The fly was a kebari nicely tied with a cdc wing, a gift from Peder, thanks my friend!

(Tom Davis) #258

That is a beautiful location!

(Jean Santos) #259

Thank You Tom . I’ve been following your videos since I discovered tenkara ! Your streams are so beautiful and you have plenty of fish. It sounds you enjoy your tenkara fishing!

(Jean Santos) #260

At 1500m here in the Cevennes the snow is already melted and the daffodils are growing. For the first time this year we fished the river Loire.

This is the longest river in France (1000km or so) but in the MONT GERBIER it’s a small creek and you have often to fish under the trees

And there are plenty of hungry trout. They are rising to small kebari. This Tuesday mine was a hare’s hear kebari. The fish who live there are the Atlantic species, with only a few red marks, with no stripes. We caught 20 or 30 tiny trout, that of course were all released

(Gressak) #261

Looks like awesome country!

Did you build that Tamo?