Unknown rod

(Peder) #1

The following video was recently uploaded to Katayama Etsuji’s personal YouTube page. Does anyone recognize the rod that he’s using? I’ve never seen it before.

(Chris Stewart) #2

There was a Daiwa rod years ago that as I recall looked something like that, but I don’t remember the name. However, they way he is waving it around, what makes you think it is a Daiwa? I looked carefully throughout the entire video and never saw a Daiwa logo on the rod.

(Peder) #3

Legitimate question. It deserves classification that I presumed it was a Daiwa. This came because of his work for them and most of the rods that I’ve seen him using (both in his own videos and obviously those from Daiwa) online have been Daiwa.

Thanks for asking and pointing that out. I’ve edited the title to be more accurate.

(David Walker) #4

I am reasonably sure it is one of these Daiwa rods. ダイワ テンカラ飛仙翔DSG LL35SG .

I think they were made at the same place the older enshou tenkara rods were made. When they were still listed on the Daiwa website they were the most expensive tenkara rod they sold, and I think also more expensive than any current Daiwa tenkara rod being sold. (seems like 5 years ago they were in the range of $500 ~ $600, but maybe that is a false recollection) The model was discontinued before the older Enshou rod models, maybe due to it’s high price leading to lower sales.

DSG = Direct Sensor Grip. If you look closely at the photos on the below linked websites, the grip appears to be a hard grip, made of carbon fiber or other material. So not a soft foam material. The SG on the end of the name may have also been another reference to Sensor Grip.

I am not sure how to translate 飛仙翔 [ Hi Sen Shō or Daisen Sho or Shiraishi, is what google translate makes of it]
But 飛・仙翔 translates as, Flying · Sen Xiang. And I know the kanji 飛 means more or less flying, as in flying through the air. You will often find that kanji used in descriptions of casting the line.

ダイワ テンカラ飛仙翔DSG LL35SG
(there was also an LL39SG model, and may have been a model shorter than 3.5m, but I don’t recall that for certain. From the size of the stream being fished in the video my bet is it is the LL35SG.

Look at these two websites, and see if you think it is the same rod model. I think you will see the same color pattern, shape of the grip section, and the same number of brighter color bands round the grip at the same location.



Also his focus in the video appeared to be more on a new camera and the fishing. That I think is a farther indication it isn’t a sneak peek at a new rod model.

Ah, here is a 2014 post from Tenkarakebari website, listed as a reprint of out of date pole. The translation is poor, but good enough to get some insight into thoughts when it was found to be no longer in production. However, it does not list or mention the LL39SG model.

tenkarakebari 2014/01/16 reprint out of date Daiwa DSG rod

(Peder) #5

As usual, excellent research and recall David. Thanks. That definitely appears to be the rod in the video.

He had posted another video about a week ago where he fished this rod for about 60 seconds of the video, towards the very end. Most of that video looked like maybe an Enshou that he was using.

(David Walker) #6

It seems, as hinted at in the tenkarakebari blog post, that at one time Daiwa also made LT rods with the sensor grip. Previously I had only noticed the LL models with the DSG grip. I had completely failed to notice the previously linked 3.9m rod was an LT rod.




テンカラ飛仙翔 list

You can find a few more post using the following search phrase - the fujisan zasshi (magazine) April 2011 post are interesting.

片山悦二・テンカラ飛仙翔DSG 竿

(David Walker) #7

Nope, not made in China. It appears they were made by Daiwa Seiko ( Thailand) Co Ltd.


(RC) #8

That “slingshot” netting technique is quite impressive!
What an amazing looking venue as well.