Ultralight Travel

I love to travel.

Early on in my life, I’ve learned that experiences are everything to me. When I was in the service, I was in the infantry (medic) and everything I was allowed to take with me, anywhere in the world I was deployed (24 hours notice) I had two duffle bags and that’s it.

35 years later, when I go on a week trip, I take a legal carry on bag and a small daypack and that’s it. For this I have developed a minimal tenkara kit that I do not use for my tenkara, I use it for non planned trips.

But that’s not what this is about, it’s about lightweight travel.

For a week I take two pairs of pants, a pair of shorts, four shirts, a pair of sneakers, a hat, toothbrush and my medicine and that is pretty much it. Depending on the temp, I might take a minimal rain jacket or a puffy.

Everything I take must serve at least two functions.

I travel pretty light.

How do you do it?


I’ve backpacked and camped my whole life. A large part of my tenkara interest initially was because of backpacking. 25 years ago I was lucky to get away with a 40-50 lb pack. Over lots of changes and expense I’ve developed my own comfort system that is 12lb base weight system. I sacrifice some ounces for a larger, thicker exped pad for sleeping. This weight includes all clothing, two man pyramid tent, cook gear, quilt, pad, filtration.

It’s amazing what you can do without once you are honest with yourself.

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