The Sheep Creek Special Fly Pattern

Want to fish with a True Reverse Hackle Pattern? Give the Sheep Creek Special a try. Although I have never fished this pattern in running water, I know some anglers who do and they report it to be highly effective, in both the standard version and Bead Head models as well. Although I’m giving the Fly Fishing the Sierra information here because it lists the Peacock Herl models, which I’ve found to be particularly effective, with wire ribs, than the chenille ties, so please take a good look and enjoy. There is a lot more information on this pattern out there, mostly as it applies to stillwater and warm water fishing as well, but it will do a great job in streams also.

I have a series of SC Patterns I tie for different water color, lighting conditions, pre-spawn and spawning fish, that use Fluorescent and UV Reflective tying materials, which I call my Sheeps Creek Specials, because they have FL- Tags and Butts, but that’s another story…Karl.