TenkaraBum fly rod spoons

(Mike Kotowski) #21

No doubt. Just being able to fish this time of year is a gift

(Chris Lynch) #22

IMG_20171223_115557 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

I have already fished the Radiocraft (in another color), it’s pretty easy to cast with my SeiryuX 45, but not easy with a short (2.4m) rod.

Excited to try this .3g which is allegedly titanium. These were all <Y500 each.

(David Walker) #23

Good find Chris, :grin:

なぶら家 [ ? Nakura House ]
accuracy REI-KU/
アキュラシー 零操 0.3g

Jackall also makes a few different models of 0.4 g microspoons. [マイクロスプーン] & 0.5g

Jackall Timon Chibi Quatro 0.4g

Jackall Chibi Tearo 0.5g spoons

With a little looking around a convenient place to order them could probably be found. I saw one link to Jackall spoons at Walmart, but I doubt they carry the < 1.0g microspoons.

(todoroki toshirou) #24

なぶら = The water surface boild according to the movements of the fish

Everyone seems to have found a good Christmas :smile:

(David Walker) #25

Now I see the water surface expanding circles from the splashdown of the feather weight micro spoons is the image the company uses.:slight_smile:


(Chris Lynch) #26

David I ordered all these from Amazon.jp. All these spoons are shippable to the US, but require a Y2000+ order (easy to do if you aren’t careful haha). In this case it was a Daiwa rod for a friend that got me over Y2000. Many Nissin, Daiwa, and Shimotsuke rods are shippable to the US, and their global DHL is wonderful.

(David Walker) #27

Headwaters fishing ~Chapter 3 ~Tenkara new fishing method! ?
YTC スターひろじ. Sutā Hiroji, Star Hiroji

Headwaters fishing, alternating between using a spoon lure or a kebari.

(James Hopkins) #28

Absolutely killer for stillwater too. Used one today on my conventional fly rod.

(Chris Stewart) #29

Well isn’t that interesting! Given the date on the video, he could have gotten the idea from the US.

(David Walker) #30

Well, maybe. Or maybe he thought of the idea himself. He is an unconventional tenkara angler. I think even stretching what many people would call free style tenkara [ フリースタイルテンカラ ]

Here is a video from Aug 2017, where he is testing a kebari with a spinner, there is another video showing him testing in a fish water tank at home, but I couldn’t find it quickly.

Long line tenkara real fishing! New work kebari field test !

I think the rod he is using is the Daiwa Expert L LL45.

He also post videos on a second YT channel, but I don’t recall its name. I just stumbled upon it one day, and it looked like one of his videos, I asked if he was also Star Hiroji, and he confirmed that it was also his YT channel. He also said the rod he was using had been Chōji Hosoyama-san’s rod, but it was not clear if he had gotten it directly from Chōji Hosoyama-san himself or indirectly or whether it was a rod he owned or just fishing with the rod that belonged to someone else.

Ah, found it, uploaded 8 Aug 2017.

斬新な毛鉤を作ってみた。I made a novel / innovative kebari.

(Isaac Tait) #31

Ha! Crazy… I came across a koi tenkara (not fixed line fishing… :thinking:) article in the Spring 2011 Japanese Headwater magazine… The article also mentioned lake fishing tenkara (in Lake Motosu no less) :exploding_head: :joy:

(Adam Trahan) #32

There are many misconceptions.

Tenkara is a much more open term in Japan than the purist will have you believe.

But this is not my argument.

(Colby Farquhar) #33

I just got a couple and can’t wait to give them a try. I don’t mind if it’s not traditional, as most of my flies are weighted anyway. Most of my fishing takes place in tailwaters sadly, and I think these things will work well there!

(Rob) #34

Give them a try on the Blue River.

(Colby Farquhar) #35

I’ve actually never fished there. Grew up on the LMF, and I’m up by the Lower Illinois now. Occasionally take a trip over to Norfolk or the white in arkansas. I do need to get down there to blue river though for sure!