Talk to me about the Shimotsuke Kiyotaki 180

I’d like to hear from people who have used the Kiyotaki 180 for small stream trout fishing.

  1. How many times have you fished it?
  2. What sizes of trout did you catch, and how did the rod feel?

I’d be using it almost exclusively for bow and arrow casting in very small streams where even my 240 cm rods are too long. Any other thoughts on the rod are also welcome.

I’ve got the 210, and have fished it only 2 times.
It’s stiffer than I thought it’d be. The price was very good. It’s very narrow in the grip, I am considering using a wrap. Seems reasonably well made though.
If you are going to fish extremely tight situations, as it sounds like you are planning (the bow and arrow comment) it will be effective. That relative stiffness is nice for getting a fish to hand in a brushy mess.
Will I get rid of mine? No. It’s a nice option to have in my day pack for that one special opportunity.
These may be discontinued though, if you find one act fast.

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Thanks James, I appreciate the input. And yeah, I saw that notice on TenkaraBum about it being possibly discontinued. Guess I’ll have to pull the trigger pretty soon here!

I am awaiting the delivery of a 180. I am still a little unsure if it is going to be something I like. I am worried that I am going to hate the stiffness. I was also considering the Esoteric 245-206. In the end I went with the Shimotsuke because it was a little less expensive and it was shipping from the U.S… I didn’t want to deal with the international shipping. But now I am second guessing myself. Does anyone have the Esoteric that can speak to its stiffness? I can still change my mind on the Shimotsuke and return it. Also, If it really is out of production I’d be out of luck if I ever broke it.

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I have not used the Esoteric rod yet, but have read a lot of reviews about it and have talked to a few who has kept it as their personal choice for small streams rods (even after trying a bunch others, including the Muzuchi, in which people have stated is a stiff casting rod at its shortest length). The general consciences about the Esoteric is it’s a smooth gentle casting rod through a range of line weights.
I can get you in contact with someone who uses the rod on a regular basis.

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I own the rod. I bought it for a particularly small stream with very tight casting conditions. I have used it for mostly that stream which I fish a few times a year and also is a rod I carry with the kids when we go ponds or lakes where there is a chance for some shore or dock side blue gills.

It works great for bow and arrow and it is possible to cast but its not pretty or fun. it can handle decent fish…in the trout world maybe 9 or 10 incher is my best? Blue gill front…some fat guys. all put a deep bend in it but without concern.

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Thanks Adam! Sounds like you’re using it for what I’d be using it for.