Sling pack

(Peder) #1

I’m not big on “repping” products, but I got a new bag for fishing and it’s pretty damn amazing. I ordered a Beast Sling from the folks at Vedavoo and they did a stellar job. This thing far exceeds my expectations and it’s top notch quality. Made in the USA of American products and giving good folks, good jobs. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone. Did I mention that it’s wicked comfortable to carry too? Yesterday I spent three hours fishing and barely knew it was there.

(David Walker) #2

Scott at Vedavoo is very accommodating. I ordered a sling pack from him a couple of years back, he couldn’t ship it to me before I left home for three weeks to go to Pocahontas County. While our house there has an address, there is no mail box. But it was no problem for him to ship the pack to be held for pickup at the Dunmore post office. Nicely made, with good features. But that being said I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would. I usually don’t carry much gear. I use it a little during cooler months.

(Peder) #3

Yes, i agree @dwalker, Scott was great to work with and willingly accommodated my minor requests. If I just go out for an hour or two, I grab a fly box and some tippet. If I’m out longer than that (which is more common for me), I like to bring water, some food, and weather depending, a rain jacket. Not to mention a couple of fly boxes and different lines.

A friend has convinced me to start carrying a small first aid kit if I’m gone for more than a few hours. Now I’m trying to figure out which one I want to get. This pack will easily accommodate a small kit without much weight or hindrance to my fishing.

(Gressak) #4

I find most “Kits” to be close to useless and too bulky.

Band aids…and ointments…will be useless in a real emergency.

Consider Duct tape or electrical tape, super glue, and a decent amount of pain killers/anti inflammatory pills.

Around the house I am always spliting myself open. I always use duct tape as it never comes loose.and is broad. One could probably wrap some around a small dowel to make a compact roll.

Electrical tape is good too…waterproof…etc.

On either buy top grade…

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #5

This is a really cool pack. I need to follow what you do and stop carrying so much stuff.
I got into this bad habit from fly fishing and it seems I’m doing the same darn thing in tenkara
fishing. Maybe a pack like this would solve my tendency to haul too much stuff. Are there
other sling packs you would also recommend or should I stay with Vedavoo Beast Sling?

(Peder) #6

Hi Mike. Yes, the pack is really great and far exceeded my expectations. For being a sling pack, this is still plenty big and if you’re not careful you could fit a lot of stuff in it.

I think it’s partially a decision to make, then followed up by practice, lots of practice. I would highly recommend getting one of their packs. Not including the women’s specific model, they have four different sling packs. So you could certainly get a smaller one as a starting point. Regardless of what it is in life, I believe that we each need to figure out what gets is excited to make those decisions we want to make.

Whether that means finding a fun way to get exercise or donating your TV to charity or getting a new pack. While is definitely recommend getting a sling from Scott and his team, think about this first.

Think about your last four or five fishing trips and try to look at just the facts (not what you thought).

  • How long did you go out for?
  • How far away from home were you?
  • Were you away from mobile phone service?
  • Of everything you brought with you (including what you left in your vehicle) what did you actually use?
  • How many rods did you actually use?
    *How many flies/kebari did you actually use/lose?

I find that actually writing these things down helps a lot. Besides, the next time you go fishing you’ll already have a list made. Then when you’re done, you can do they process again. Maybe you really did miss something that you left behind or maybe you need to thin things down some more.

This is my process. Maybe it works for you and maybe it won’t. Either way, I hope you get something from it.

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #7

Thank you very much for your help and advice Peder. I will try this to see what I can thin out
from the pile that I carry to go fishing. I am sure my back will thank me.

(Gressak) #8

I really dig my zimmerbuilt sling lite. Perfect for most outings. The tailwater and sling lite cover the spectrum of day outings.

(James Hopkins) #9

I use a sling bag by Patagonia called “Atom” I bought at REI for about $60. Lots of capacity, rides nicely on my back, way less expensive than anything “made for fly fishing” because that seems to really invite price gouging IMO.

(RC) #10

I’m also a big fan of the Zimmerbuilt Tenkara Sling Lite. More than enough room for a day’s worth of food/water/beer/rainjacket/flyboxes/first aid…
And to Gressak’s point of duct tape as bandages – if you wrap a BiC lighter with duct tape or Gorilla Tape, you’ve got a couple bases covered.

(David S Riley) #11

I have just bought a sling bag in the UK. The bag is called ‘The Healthy Back Bag’ and it fits over the left or right shoulder. It is ideal for general use or fishing and is sold in varying sizes and colours (mine is Forrest Green). The bag is marketed in the UK by a UK subsidiary of an American Company, so I am sure many American stores will sell them.
Here is their web address,


(Peder) #12

I do the gorilla tape and lighter thing. Learned that almost 30 years ago in the boy scouts. Whoever thought of that idea was brilliant.

(Gressak) #13

Never heard of that one. I will need to follow that tip.

Ductape and fire. Two of the most important primary elements of survival…hahahahahhha

(Justin Carfagnini) #14

That duct/gorilla tape lighter idea is genius! I use a Vedavoo Seam Sling Pack. I thought about the sling, but for me, the more space I have to fill in a pack, the more I will fill it with things I don’t need. The Seam sling works perfectly for me to keep what I carry to a minimum. Scott is one of the nicest dudes, too. I’ll gladly the price, because, I know that the packs are built here in the states and supports his small business.

(Adam Trahan) #15

I learned this from Yuzo Sebata years ago. I believe Keiichi Okushi wrote about it in stories of Genryu.

I read about how people struggle with carrying too much. Yes, it is a struggle and it’s ok. We do what we do and it is our evolution.

There are people you can follow to steepen the learning curve but ultimately, it is our own path we create.

I am finding that creating pack lists and comparing those lists later with the experience is what helps me. I see what I thought I needed, then what I used. Then I see what I didn’t have and then amend the list and do it again.

I just removed a lot of equipment from my quiver. Very liberating.

My mantra, “only what I need.”

The comforts of stuff is real.

The reality of our experience is too.

Dive back in to Keiichi’s experiences for a look into experience.

I dig my sling light and I really hate sling bags, it’s the truth, not quite a strap pack, not enough for a small day pack. The guide sling? It doesn’t make sense to me, but that is the beauty of diversity.