New rod from Tenryu, the TF32TA

I don’t know if anyone else here has already talked about this, but I just saw that Tenryu is coming out with the TF32TA rod in May of this year. It’s basically a smaller version of the TF39TA. It can be fished at 280, 300, and 320 cm and is 25 cm when collapsed. Price is 56,500 yen or ~$415 USD. More pics and info are here.


I saw that too…interested. I like the shorter length and non-cylindrical handle.

I will get it as I really like Tenryu products. However I wished they went shorter on the lengths, but given the collapsed size I guess they didn’t have a ton of wiggle room. The handle is closer to the Anglo Kowasa. Here is the manufacturers link in case anyone is looking for that: 天龍テンカラ 風来坊(テンリュウテンカラ フウライボウ)|テンカラ|テンリュウ

I have my heart set on the TF39TA for this year, but that 3.2m appeals to me as well.

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