"Klinkhammer-T For Tenkara Fishing by Hans van Klinken"

(Nick Pavlovski) #1

Just been alerted to this video of Hans van Klinken tying a Tenkara variant of his famous Klinkhammer fly pattern.

Bintoro Tedjosiswoyo

Published on 6 Jan 2019

With the recent increase of popularity of Tenkara fishing, Mr. Hans van Klinken have created the Klinkhammer-T, a version of his original Klinkhammer Special that designed specially for the Tenkara fishing. Hans tied this fly on his own Klinkhammer Special hook. He stated that this hook is the most ideal hook for Tenkara fly as it sit almost vertical in the water.
Hans created the original Klinkhammer Special some three decades ago and become one of the most popular and dependable fly world over. Hans demonstrated how to tie this Klinkhammer-T during the Malaysia International Fly Fishing Festival 2018 that was held on 1-3 Nov 2018 at Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia hosted by Fly Fishing Association of Selangor.
Special thanks to the Fly Fishing Association of Selangor (FFAS) for organising the festival and to Mr. Dron Lee for the invitation. Hans van Klinken website: www.flyfishinggazette.com

(Adam Rieger) #2

oh god this video…so many issues…:frowning: