Fly Tying Desk/Workspace Photos

I like seeing fly tying desk/box/workspace photos. Here’s mine. It’s the table that I use for sewing, and I use the desk’s built-in drawer to store all fly tying materials. The vise is a $20 one from Cabela’s, and I made a bobbin cradle for it out of a red wire coat hanger. While I’m sure I’ll replace the vise with a more expensive one in the future, it’s worked well for me for a couple hundred flies so far.

What does your fly tying desk/space look like?


Jason Klass just posted to his blog this interview with Jason Sparks, and included is a picture of his fly tying desk.

Also, there’s a subreddit (/r/bugstations) that’s all about fly tying stations.

I have two.

One is portable travel kit, the other is a kitchen table vice. I keep current tye stuff on a tray. My materials in a storage box.

I had a huge fly tying spread at a couple of homes I’ve lived in.

I’m really not a tyer so to speak. I do it for my craft yet my tying is utilitarian.

I used to take a small thumb vise with me to tye stream side. I decided that was not my deal. I go fishing to fish…

There is a contingency that tyes “in hand” which I find painful. You go right ahead and hone that skill.

Nice thread starter.

I hope it gains traction.

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