Dragontail Small Stream Hybrid Glass Rod

Posted to one of the Tenkara Facebook Groups, coming later this hear at a price TBD.


If I were not so maxed out with rods this rod would be on my list. Seems very interesting and up my alley.

This rod isn’t the last thing that I NEED, but it’s way down the list.

The last few years of my rod and reel life I spent fishing nothing but cheap Cabela’s CGR fiberglass rods. A fiberglass rod, even a hybrid rod with a few carbon sections from a rod brand that I love is something that I just have to have.


Those Cabela’s CGR rods punch way above their weight, price-wise. I still use a 6’6" 4 wt for those situations where Tenkara rods just don’t work well at all.

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I’d agree on the CGR’s, I bought the 2wt just for laughs and it was instant love. I went back and bought all but the 7/8wt over the next month or so as they got them back in stock.

I don’t have high end carbon rods because expensive just isn’t my style, but those cheap S glass rods are amazing at $70. Feeling that bend is the only thing I truly miss about rod and reel fishing.