Book bought in Japan

(Vladimir Bushclyakov ) #1

Here it is, Russian nonchalance, bought a book in Japan, in Japanese. I myself know only the Russian language. We will try to translate, I don’t refuse to help. I hope, from a legal point of view, the rights of the author will not violate?

(David Walker) #2

(しょくりょうしでん) 職漁師伝 , Life of professional fisher (?)
戸門秀雄 著, Tokado Hideo Author

「職漁師伝 渓流に生きた最後の名人たち」
Job fisherman on the mountain stream last living master
furainozasshi 職漁師伝 渓流に生きた最後の名人たち

(Vladimir Bushclyakov ) #3

Yes, this is this book, but there are more questions than answers on it. Google translator does not help much.

(Vladimir Bushclyakov ) #4

The author’s name is Tokado Hideo.
He is 67 years old.
He is the owner of a Japanese restaurant near Tokyo.
Store name Thomon.

This book is a record of the Tenkara fisherman in the Kanto region (about 300 km from Tokyo).
Tenkara fishermen are elderly people. Most people do not fish in Tenkare.
Many people have already died.

The author has previously visited them.
This is the record that the author visited them.
10 to 20 years ago.

Many people are amateur anglers.
There are several professional anglers.
Because in Japan there were very few professional anglers.

You can see their gear in the picture.
In this book, few descriptions of technology.
This is their life, the introduction of fishing gear. I met his son on facebook.

(todoroki toshirou) #5

The description of this book is very accurate