A New Hook For My Foam Spider Pattern - Gamakatsu C15-BV

I have recently changed to the above mentioned C15-BV Hook for tying my Well-Hung Foam Spider Patterns, because the Vertical Eye and Barbless design is most helpful in releasing fish and tying on Parachute hackle flies without crushing the hackle: With the vertical eye, you just turn the fly on its side and stab the tippet through the eye hole under the hackle, and tie the tippet knot there as well - quick and easy.

For a view of the hook and some Kebari tied on it, Please see the following:

I believe it’s interesting how much the colors of the materials the fly was tied with changed when viewed against the 3 different colored back grounds the photos were shot under compared to what we see in the air above the water. The fish get a very different view than the one we get.