2018 New Rods

(Adam Trahan) #42


Although I feel the penny rating is good if you are shopping for a rod and don’t know what you want, I don’t do it.

Someone will though, you won’t have to wait long.

7:3 ish with a soft tip?

That’s about as far as I go.

(David Walker) #43

Dr Ishigaki did a review of the Shimano Maystone rod posted on his blog April 19th.

I haven’t yet done a lot to find correct English translations of the many odd translations. But it looks like this is not a rod developed under his supervision, though perhaps making use of his previous preference recommendations to Shimano’s rod designer, and developed only over one year of testing, not the more common two years.

That being said, there is this is one sentence I couldn’t resist figuring out that had this very odd translation;
It is a rod that does not need a throat and a toothbrush, Mr. Nishio. :open_mouth:

It should translate this way ( I think):
Fittingly, It is a rod that does not need power, Mr. Nishio. :grinning:


Also he writes about the benefits of the rod having low wind resistance when casting from being a thin rod. That was something I had not thought about as being a consideration until I happened to find a blog post discussing the same thing four or so years back. Of course the trick is in making a thin rod that is also strong and not easily broken.

(Jeff Roberts) #44

I finally broke down and purchased a Shimano Maystone 36…lol. I’ll update when it gets in.

(Jeff Roberts) #45

Also, thanks for the info David

(Adam Trahan) #46

It’s funny, I’ve mentioned this wind resistance in the difference with long and short, thick and thin rods to a prominent tenkara rod seller.

“I’ve never noticed it.”

I just dropped the conversation there.

It is detectable.

But for me, it has not been enough for me to not choose this rod over that.

Finally glad to see this topic in the light, now I understand that others detect this too.


(David Walker) #47

@JeffR & @Adam_Trahan
Interesting observations. Jeff it will be interesting to read your impression of the rod & how close it is to the developer’s goals for it.

Did you click on the fishing_report/keiryu_kaihatsu/59/index.html link in Dr. Ishigaki’s review?

keiryu_kaihatsu is 渓流開発 / and translates as Mountain Stream Development.
There is an keiryu_kaihatsu index page with many entries about the Maystone and other rods.
From my reading of them they seem to explain some background about why different rods were developed, and their thinking about design choices for the rods.

For the Maystone NW rod ( 開発者のつぶやき VOL.10 メイストーン NW / Developer’s tweet VOL.10 Maystone NW ) it appears they focused on the fact that tenkara fishing is being recognized overseas by fly fishing anglers, and the design of the Maystone NW rod was made to appeal to them by making a tenkara as thin as a fly rod & the grip section with the wood insert added to imitate the look of a western style fly rod.

keiryu_kaihatsu/59/ Developer’s tweet VOL.10 Maystone NW

Additionally, on the above webpage in English is written - And is a valet of Mr. Osasaku who is in charge of planning. But it’s a crazy translation. The man’s name is ぬけさく氏 (Nukesaku-shi). But if you leave off the shi suffix title, ぬけさく, will translate as “To get out”. On some of the other keiryu_kaihatsu articles you may see his name translated that way. I do not know if that is his real name written in hiragana, not kanji, or if it is really a nickname. The part translated as valet is 企画担当 / planning staff or planning group. He appears to be someone who also field test the various rods under development and has some authority over design choices.

Linked at the bottom of the Maystone NW page is a link to the Tenkara BB Kit.

keiryu_kaihatsu/58 Developer’s tweet VOL.9 Ten color BB kit.

Where the English translation says " it is not fun" . Should be read as " is it not fun". Opposite meaning.
And where it says Tenpyo Tenkara [天平テンカラ] he is referring to the Shimano NL LLS 33 / 36 rods.

And from the keiryu_kaihatsu/index list is the webpage for the Pack Tenkara ZW rod.

keiryu_kaihatsu/50/Developer’s tweet VOL.7 Pack Tenkara ZW

Wherein he writes about how the Pack ZW rod completes the TENKARA三兄弟 [TENKARA 3 Brothers] :slight_smile:
渓流TENKARAを2012年に。Keiryu /Mountain Stream Tenkara in 2012
本流TENKARAを2015年に。 Honryu / Main Stream Tenkara in 2015
源流PACK TENKARA ZW を2017年に。Genryu / Headwaters in 2017

I found it interesting to read about these rods from the company developer’s point of view, their thought process for design choices.

Link to the fishing_info/fishing_report/keiryu_kaihatsu/ index list. Maybe you will find some of them fun.

Shimano… fishing_report/keiryu_kaihatsu/ index list

(todoroki toshirou) #48

I also like the translation problem is a funny story :scream:
I appreciate the wonderful consideration and explanation