Salmon on Keiryu

Hello everyone! I haven’t caught Atlantic salmon yet, but I’ve caught pink salmon this summer. Pink salmon responded well to pink and purple flies. Rod 4 meters.


In ocean and deep lake environments, salmon, steelhead and coastal trout’s color vision is best suited to the blue/green shades around 503 to 527 nm as the white under bellies of their prey reflect the colors present in those waters. As the salmonids return to tidal and estuarine waters, physiological changes take place that stimulate sex hormones, territorial responses of aggression in the fish. The retinal pigments shift to porphyropsin, which makes the red end of the fish’s changing color vision much more visible and attractive and will be reacted to by the fish. Cerise is one of the first new colors that really stands out to the fish, a long with the various reds, oranges and pinks, as Vladimir’s patterns above clearly show.

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