Photography- here we go!

(Chris Lynch) #21

Haha who are you snooping my IG?
yeah I’m back in an A7 and not sure how I feel about it.
I’m talking with a buddy RIGHT NOW about Canon and how I miss the ergos and look.

(Duncan Philpott) #22

The Instagram algorithms deemed your posts appropriate for my suggested section! haha.

I had a period of turmoil for work about a month ago, I was going through an A7R2 a year as they just aren’t built for a hammering! Somehow it ended up with a used a9 coming up in the local camera shop at a great price and swinging things.

I was shooting Canon, a 1d4 and 5d3, for a long time. Then purchased an XT1 for a smaller setup for some of the multi day bike trip jobs and loved the whole user experience of it. In a moment of madness I lusted after a full frame mirrorless experience so jacked in all the Canon and Fuji kit and went deep with Sony.

The Sonys have been great in terms of image, AF etc but they are just lacklustre. Too invested now to change!

(Chris Lynch) #23

Yeah the Sony cameras have wonderful tech but I just DO NOT ENJOY using it.

(Chris Lynch) #24

Just sold the A7.
I don’t need a camera like this and the Sony system is too full of temptation with expensive lenses haha

(Adam Trahan) #25

Gees, I think I was using a Sony Mavica, a digital camera in1995. It was a thousand dollars and stored a few pictures on a 3.5" removable disc. I liked it because I didn’t have to scan, but the image quality sucked. Someone bought it for me to take pictures of our trips so that I would include them, freaking venture capitalists…

Before that I used a Cannon SLR, started out with Kodak intamatics and Polaroid instant. My favorite was a Kodak Super 8 and my buddies waterproof Super 8 with sound, we killed it with that thing in Mexico.

I just bought this camera on the account of Chris:

I’m using a App that came with it that allows me to use my phone as a remote, I also can take photos off it with my phone. I will get familiar with it before I go to the islands.

Looking for a large and fast SD card for big movies.

(Duncan Philpott) #26

The camera looks well. And at the same cost of just the waterproof housing for many compact cameras alone!

How big is big? I daren’t go bigger than 64gb since any more than that an a card corruption etc and you’re losing an awful lot of data.

The phone apps combined with light room mobile are incredibly powerful nowadays