Magazine tsuritickets - Tenkara learning video [MasterTenkara] 2020/2/1 release

フィッシングショーOSAKA 2020 出展! [ Fishing show OSAKA 2020 exhibitors! ]

magazine.tsuriticket フィッシングショーOSAKA 2020 出展!

digital translated Fishing show OSAKA 2020 exhibitors!

On another forum I read that Dr. Ishigaki will also be giving a presentation talk - 『本物の出会い栃木』[“Real encounter in Tochigi”] Cedar Woods, I think.

Tochigi is an area north of Tokyo in the Kantō region. Has anyone here that has been to Japan and fished this area that would care to elaborate on your experiences there?

釣りフェスティバル2020 in Yokohamaにテンカラ大王がやってくる!
[ Tenkara Daio comes to Fishing Festival 2020 in Yokohama!]

digital translation Daio comes to Fishing Festival 2020 in Yokohama!

I was just reading Dr. Ishigaki’s blog post about the 2020 Yokohama Fishing Festival.

The 2 most interesting things mentioned are;

a) by chance he met Chris Steward / Tenkarabum, there is a photo of Chris with Dr. Ishigaki + 2 other people, I’m guessing his wife and another man I did not recognize &

b) Fujinoline has introduced a tenkara straight line with the yellow part in a 10m length - allowing one to make a straight line in the length of their preference, instead of the standard lengths they previously offered.

But I could not find anything else about it on the Fujinoline website or with an internet search. Therefore I do not know if this 10 m straight line will be like the original straight line (ストレートライン), or the later issued powerful straight line ( ストレートライン パワフル) or both types. However, since he did not write - straight line powerful - my guess is the line will be like the original straight line. That was already available in lengths of 3.5, 4.0 & 5.0m.

偶然にクリス・スチュワートと逢う。クリスはTenkara Bumを主宰している。2009年にキャッツキルで、2010年にサンフランシスコで会って以来である。奥さんが名古屋出身である。変らず元気だった。
[I met Chris Stewart by chance. Chris heads Tenkara Bum. It’s since I met Catskill in 2009 and San Francisco in 2010. His wife is a native of Nagoya. I was fine as usual.

[Main line of straight line from Fujino (Yellow part) 10m roll is released.
A mounting thread for making chichiwa and a marker for straight line If you use it, you can make your own line.]

I kind of like the straight line, and have on in 5m length, and rarely fish with a longer line. Just once in a while a 5.5m or less often 6m line. Mostly preferring 4.5m + tippet of a 1m or a bit longer till it becomes to short.

digitial translation

Fujinoline straight line

Fujinoline straight line powerful.

If I find something else, another internet link, about the new 10m straight line I will post it later.
[フジノライン テンカラ ストレートラインのメインライン 10m長 , Fujinoline tenkara straight line 10m long]

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In the previous post I noted that Dr. Ishigaki posted in his blog he saw Chris Stewart at the Yokohama Fishing Festival.

Below is a link to Chris’ report about his sojourn at the Yokohama Fishing Festival.

He writes in Yokohama he "met Yasuo Nakadai, a maker of Edo Wazao…He mentioned that he was in a video shot by NHK that would be released a few days after the show. The video, on tanago fishing, showed him shaping the tip section of a tanago rod "
There is a link in Tenkarabum’s blog post to the 15 minute NHK World video.
A video about Tanago fishing culture.


Hello. I am member of the MasterTenkara production team.

Thank you for introducing MasterTenkara.

Finally released on 2/1, now accessible.

Actually, there is a plan to produce an English version, and we will start translating from now on.

see you!


Thanks for your work. The English version is great. Russian version may appear?

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Wow! That looks amazing :smiley: The footage brings back so many great memories. I am excited to begin the series.


Thank you!

How! Surprisingly, do you live in Akita Prefecture?

I live in Nagoya.

I hope to see you someday.

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We want to make a Russian version, but it is a little difficult.

We don’t know anyone who understands Japanese, Russian, and Tenkara.

When I make the English version, I transcribe it in time.

For example, it looks like this:

In this MasterTenkara

I will explain how to make a fly

I will explain how to make a device and then casting

When we actually go to the river, we explain where to fly and where to find fish.

The above example is just machine translation.

After this, We need to ask anyone who understands English, Japanese and Tenkara to give a formal translation so that it can be communicated to those who enjoy Tenkara in English-speaking countries.

We may also need to revise our videos to reflect local thinking.

I’m teaming with such a person in English, but I can’t find it in Russian.

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thanks for your reply. Let’s wait for the English version. A translator from English to Russian is easier to find. Professor Ishigaki’s book translated into Russian.
Спасибо Вам.

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Satsuki-san. Thanks for checking in to this forum. Interesting to hear from someone on the production team.

Would this be you [田中五月] the author of the article and also shown in some of the pictures during the filming of the Master Tenakra series?
Or was this a different project?テンカラの~とvol5 石徹白川等 テンカラ動画アプリ制作中! English テンカラの~とvol5 石徹白川等 テンカラ動画アプリ制作中!

Note : Google is translating : 田中五月 [ Tanaka Satsuki ] by default as - May Tanaka. With the correct translation in the drop down alternative translation choice.

Also I am curious - is this Master Tenkara video series - what the Tenkara Waza [ テンカラ技 ] project evolved into?

A trailer for Tenkara Waza was posted on vimeo 3 years ago, and it seemed to have the same goal, but I never heard or saw anything else about it being completed.

However, it was a Fishing Vision Co. project, and their videos are now blocked from playing in the USA. Maybe that project was completed, but we (here) are blocked from viewing it. Tenkara “Waza” Trailer

" Tenkara is an ancient method of fly fishing devised by the mountain dwelling hunters of Japan, known as “Matagi’ or “Shokuryoushi.” Using only a short segment of line, a fly, and a rod, it is one of the most simple methods of fishing in the world. In this series, Dr. Hisao Ishigaki - a professor and Tenkara enthusiast of 35 years- teaches viewers the skills and techniques involved in Tenkara while touching on the history of how this method came to be.”

David Walker-san

I answer the first question.

My name is [田中五月] and I am the author of the article.

And this article is about MasterTenkara.
They are the same project.

Answer the second question.

Tenkara Waza [ テンカラ技 ] project and MasterTenkara are separate projects.
As you guess, isn’t the Fishing Vision Co. project incomplete?

I have never seen such a completed video in Japan.

My other project is creating a service[つりチケ] to buy fishing license in Japan.

This is not a personal project, but a business of the company I belong to.

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I discovered your blog. River Times. (actually - I think I may have seen the blog before )
You do a lot of interesting projects.
Including promoting C & R , which I have read is low participation in Japan, in past years. Hinoki wood furniture Aichi River Fisheries Association Tenkara

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David Walker-san

Thank you for watching my blog.

I wrote very little about Tenkara fishing.
Because if I write it there will be too many blogs (^ ^;

The content of C & R is very important in blogs.
I spend the most time.

Unfortunately, efforts to protect good rivers are very late in Japan.
I want to do something.


I did not live in Akita Prefecture (Kanagawa Prefecture actually). However, I did quite a bit of skiing up in Akita Prefecture. One of my favorite places to ski was 森吉山

The farthest north I fished in Japan was in Yamagata Prefecture near 朝日岳 That was a grand adventure with lots of sansai, Iwana, and a perfect hammock camping spot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The Tohoku region is wonderful!

I think that it is a region where nature remains deeply after Hokkaido in Japan.

I want to go backcountry skiing and Tenkara.

I want to go around Moriyoshi and around Asahidake.

In Tohoku, you can go deep in the mountains with backcountry skiing and catch chars in Tenkara!

Looks like fun, I did a bit of cross country skiing years ago. Standing in line at a ski lift never appealed to me. But in more recent years I prefer to avoid that sort of cold. Also looks like a beautiful area in both winter and summer months.

Hakuba backcountry Hakuba backcountry 1/31


That is one of my dreams too - to combine backcountry skiing and tenkara in one adventure. If you visit Moriyoshi I would recommend you stay at Telemark Hut (テレマーク山荘森吉山) I had many wonderful nights and days at that ryokan.

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Certainly I am tired of lining up with ski lifts too(^^;

However, backcountry skis do not line up with ski lifts.

Instead of lining up, climb the mountain with your own legs and slide.

Many people who like Tenkara like nature itself, so I think it goes well with backcountry skiing in the pristine mountains!

The Hakuba area is a great area to enjoy Tenkara in summer and backcountry skiing in winter.

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Thank you for the information that (テレマーク山荘森吉山) is wonderful!
I’ll go someday.

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