Gifu prefecture fishing?

(Chris Lynch) #21

oh thank you! SO much good information! I found an article by Dr Ishigaki!

(David Walker) #22


Now is the season! Small Ayu fishing May 2017 on the beach of Lake Biwa.
[Well, the Ayu are small. And it seems to be exciting.]

But, ホンモロコとは, What are Honmoroko?
A; Gnathopogon caerulescens is a species of ray-finned fish in the genus Gnathopogon endemic to Lake Biwa in Japan.

焼き上げは逆立ちで! Baked in a handstand!
琵琶湖 春の味覚「ホンモロコ」 Taste of Lake Biwa Spring "Honmoroko" 焼き上げは逆立ちで! 琵琶湖 春の味覚「ホンモロコ」

(望月正樹) #23

This is the video small Ayu fishing at northern river runs into Biwako. You see so many Ayu in the river don’t you!!!

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Wow! They were really getting excited about catching those fish :rofl:

(Chris Lynch) #25

wow that is so many Ayu! Looks fun!