Do We Need a Stove Thread?

(Jay Johnson) #21

This has good reviews for an UL option. Cheap and weighs 25g. edit by UL I mean boiling water in very small pots, definitely under a liter.

(Chris Lynch) #22

That BRS is the darling of r/ultralight over on Reddit.
However, there’s just as many reports of it failing under real use as there are people praising it. Major case of you get what you pay for.

(Adam Trahan) #23

I gave my son the SOTO and bought the Giga Power.

It works well.

(Chris Lynch) #24

I’m probably going to wind up getting a butane cartridge Soto, since those can/cartridges are so damn readily available in Korea and Japan and that’s where I’ll be at least the next 4 years.

This is the one I most want. I like how low the stove is to the ground, more stability with a heavy pot or pan.

Speaking of pans, I am totally gonna get this backpacking “teppan” plate. What better way to do a backcountry steak?!

And I also found a Japanese market trench grill:

Basically the Japanese camp kitchen scene is so awesome