Daiwa Seiryu X54

(Adam Trahan) #41

Yeah you do.

(Chris Lynch) #42

I haven’t used the 54, but if it’s anything like my 45, let me make some assumptions/put in my 2 cents?

I mostly use a 2.5 or 3.0 with mine. I agree it’s not good with heavy flies- but if they have some bulk to slow them down (like a popper lol) it can work once you get the timing right. I also use roughtly rod-length total line setup most of the time, but recently did a short line on the 45 for a spot where it worked hilariously well. I was just lifting fish out left and right.
I am accurate enough with the 45, but it is very different from on my shorter rods.

(Rob) #43

I’ll be up in Minnesota soon and I’m going to try a shorter than rod length line with it.