Anybody know anything about Daiwa Minomushi rods?

(Chris Stewart) #21

I looked into the Minomushi rods as soon as they were introduced. When I learned that Minomushi translates as “bagworm” I decided no one would want to buy them.

(Chris Lynch) #22

haha I love the name!

The Neo-Tenkara Minomushi looks like it’s the same blank as the Neo Tenkara LT33, which you wrote up as a great nymphing rod, @CM_Stewart.
I am curious if the full-sized Minomushi rods share blanks with any other known quantities.

(David Walker) #23

Popularity of names or lack thereof depends on national taste I guess.
Ken Duxbury wrote a series of books about his open dingy sailing adventures in his 18 ft. Drascombe Lugger, named Lugworm: Lugworm on the Loose, Lugworm Homeward Bound, and Lugworm Island Hopping. I think I have all three books kicking around in the house somewhere.

(todoroki toshirou) #24

Hi CM_Stewart

DAIWA Company spokesperson hasimoto さん

I informed the existence of this forum

There was a reply saying that I am interested in seeing it

minomusi is Insects of being loved in Japan

蓑虫 = bagworm :scream:

(David Walker) #25

A google search with 日本の文化で蓑虫 Minomushi (Bagworm) in Japanese Culture, shows the admiration for Minomushi. Plenty of art works, even the Minomushi Mountain People. 蓑虫山人, which seemed to be a regional subculture.

Shows how names for things are perceived differently in different cultures, and how that might affect sales. Or colors. I recall some people not liking the early Tenkara Times rods because they did not like the kind of Pinkish-violet color on the ends of the sections. Didn’t bother me, I still think the Try 390 is a pretty nice rod .
And how different cultures view different critters.

Anyway, I don’t do any scrambling into narrow mountain valleys to fish. Wouldn’t have a big need for the Minomushi rod. But the concept is interesting. A rod designed to be robust, and self protecting when stored. And the concept was extended to the Neo Tenkara rod.

(Chris Lynch) #26

Some of my favorite places to fish here in the southeast involve lots of scrambling over boulders and it would be great.

(David Walker) #27

Ah, I did not notice pictures of Maru and Sakura in your blog post - HARE’S EAR kenbane kebari.
And it is Maru, I think, shown in your avatar.

(todoroki toshirou) #28

My dog’s name is maru :dog:

minomusi rod

The first object is to have high durability for the blank :muscle:

The shape of the grip is getting longer It is to protect the blank

(David Walker) #29

Speaking of Minomushi rods. Have you seen Todoroki’s Minomushi Kebari ?

The details and a companion kebari are found here:

伝承毛鉤について [denshō kebari ni tsuite] About Traditional Kebari

Maybe it looks tasty to fish. :wink:

(todoroki toshirou) #30

ヒゲナガカワトビケラ = The largest in Japan Caddis

Japan version elk hair caddis

(Alessandro Lo) #31

I just bought a Minomushi 33, but I am completely new to Tenkara and I still haven’t tried it (forbidden to fish trout in this season in my country). I will let you know as soon as I am able to cast it :slight_smile:

(Mike Shelton) #32

It is great to have you on this forum. There are a lot of good people here that can help you if needed.
Also, there have been a lot of discussions that you should read and think about. I cannot say enough great things about Peder who started this forum. Good luck in this journey. .

(Mike Shelton) #33

Awesome pictures and kebari, Todoroki-san. :wolf:

(Alessandro Lo) #34

Thank you Mike! While waiting to be able to actually go fishing I am reading a lot about Tenkara and I have to say that I am fascinated by it. Happy to have found this forum!