Yoshikazu Fujioka collection of traditional kebari

(Adam Trahan) #1


This is an amazing opportunity for the enthusiast of traditional tenkara kebari.

(David Walker) #2

Nice looking kebari that would be fun to have and admire. But at ~ $10/ kebari they’re beyond my curiosity level no matter who tied them.

(Mike Shelton) #3

Thank you for letting us know about this opportunity. They look really cool. :- )

(Adam Trahan) #4

Hey no problem. Fujioka-san is the authority on tenkara kebari and besides that, a super nice guy.

This is a great price for his art and research that he has given to us.

(Mike Shelton) #5

I just ordered the East and West collection being offered by Tenkara-ya. I figure this opportunity will not
occur very often so I might as well take advantage of it. Thank you again for letting us know about the flies.
I will place these in a shadow box and display them proudly on the wall of my study room.

(David Walker) #6

Cool. I’d probably be more tempted to get them too :drooling_face: if I wasn’t on a self imposed restricted monthly tenkara budget, already spent this month & next, in an effort to pay off a $4k kitchen remodel faster.

If I couldn’t study them and figure out how to clone them I’d end up fishing with them and losing them to a fish, river bed stone or tree branch.

I tend to hold to the belief that kebari are for fishing not just for looking at.
I don’t want to be like Lone Watie ( Chief Dan George in the movie Outlaw Josey Wales) - wherein he said, "All I have is a piece of hard rock candy. But it’s not for eatin’. It’s just for lookin’ through. " :smile:

(Adam Trahan) #7

That is awesome!

I think you are on the right track.

Fujioka-san is the leading authority and to get kebari from him?

Excellent opportunity.

The work I have done in my collection of kebari includes some of his work.

I know this excitement and I’m glad that you find value in it.