WTB Gamakatsu Multiflex 5.0


I am looking to purchase a Multiflex 5.0 but they are unfortunately out of stock until January 2023. I was wondering if anyone had one they would be willing to part with for a fair price?

I live in British Columbia and am looking for a longer rod that is capable of handling some of the larger sea run fish in the larger rivers that we have here. If anyone has any ideas about a rod that might be suitable but is more readily available than the the Multiflex I am open to suggestions.


Hi there, try 72 Fishery. He has at least one. Brand new. I’ve gotten a few things including my Gamakatsus from him. He’s a good guy.

Thanks, Tim


Thanks! Seems like you can’t checkout for some reason. Maybe the site is offline? I sent him and email anyways.

Thanks for the tip regardless!

How big are the fish, what species, and what kind of water?

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We have all types. I am mostly interested in trying to target steel head but there are also sea run bull trout and cutthroat around. There are salmon as well but I am less inclined to fish for them as they are not really eating when they enter the rivers. Rivers are mostly large main stems that enter the Howe sound or Fraser river.

I currently use a daiwa keiryu x 45 but am ready to invest in something that is longer, more sensitive, casts more elegantly and is rated for a larger tippet.


If you are just dead drifting or swinging flies long rods are the ticket for big fish. Giant shock absorber…leashing big fish on a long bungie is fun. It also can be more taxing as the fish have the mechanical advantage in leverage.

For more tenkara manipulations I find a 4.5m rod to be the limit but definitely prefer rods sub 4m.

Many folk note larger casting radius with a long rod, but it is not as much as you would expect as it starts becoming uncomfortable and tip heavy over long sessions. Not all the the reach is usable, where a short rod i feel can be held at a lower angle … extending reach without fatigue, thus diminishing the advantage of a long rod.

I think @Brian_Miller fishes for similar species. He may have some insights as well.

On a side note, i hooked a steelhead sized rainbow this year on a 3.8m rod. Biggest fish I ever hooked on tenkara. It was at least 28 inches potentially over 30 inches. I hooked it in a river that normally has 12" trout. I did not land it but it was my fault not the equipment. It really caught me off guard. Sort of cool to see a specimen that big and it had deep color. Just a beast.


I fish 30’-40’ wide upper reaches of PNW Coastal Rivers for Sea Run (Coastal) Cutthroat. But IMHO salmon are pretty ugly by the time they get there and deserve to spawn unmolested. The Cutts are there to gorge on eggs and possibly flesh. They make for good sport.

I can “two hand” cast a weighted fly about 25 ft with a level line the length of my 5.3 m Keiryu rod. A fixed line hasn’t worked well for me from salt beaches where Chum, Jack Chinook, Rezzie Coho, and Cutt hookups generally occur beyond 30’. Carrying a longer line in the air than my 5 meter rod in PNW coastal rivers invites catching a lot of trees, and hasn’t worked very well for me and my skills. My thoughts on longer lines are in this “tapered line” thread.

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I am also not too interested in salmon, more steelhead and bulls. I think 5 meters or so is as long a rod as I feel I could fish effectively without worrying about catching too many trees.

Like I said the keiryu x has served me well. I have landed a few larger fish on it including a bull and a coho well into the 20s and it has never felt maxed out. I am more just looking for a rod that can catch these size of fish but also can cast an unweighted fly with a bit more finesse.

Today I actually caught a 15 or 16 inch coho jack on my TB traveller 39 and it handled it very well. These rods are definitely more capable than many think!


Short rods can handle very large fish.

Sometimes a longer rod puts us in higher air currents and can affect presentation. When the wind is up, it can be challenging, and often opt for a shorted rod. The muliflex 5.0 can drop down, which is good, but as you noted you have a 4.5.