Wooden keiryu bait basket

(Paul) #1

So I’ve been getting right into keiryu fishing lately, and searching the web for keiryu related things. It seems traditionally that the fisherman would keep there freshly gathered bait in a little wooded cup hung around the neck (餌ば こ - esaba ko).
My dad is pretty handy with wood turning so I commissioned him to make one for me. The wood has been sealed with a mixture of beeswax and olive oil, so it shouldn’t be toxic to little critters.

Does anybody else here have one they’ve made or otherwise acquired?

(Duncan Philpott) #2

That looks great!

(todoroki toshirou) #3



(Paul) #4

Very nice, are these yours?

(todoroki toshirou) #5

Thank you
They are fishing companions and teachers