Wind Resistance on a rod

I mentioned to a popular rod seller about wind resistance (drag through the air) on a tenkara rod.

He stated it wasn’t a factor and couldn’t notice.

I felt bad for him, I feel it on long rods…

It’s hard to notice on short thin rods.

Keiryu rods have it with their large butt sections tapering slowly on longer rods.

Anyone else?

Oh to me wind is the bane of tenkara,all my rods bend, it takes 4 x to feel a take, thicker casting lines… wind sucks. I feel it on all rods to one degree or another. Sometimes I have to lay the line in the water so I still get a good drag but it’s not how it’s suppose to be.


Could be wrong but i think Adam is referring to wind on tthe rod itself.

The longer the rod…the more surface area…the more wind resistence. This combines with tip heaviness and us unavoidable.

Add in a long line…even more resistence.

With smaller rods i cast low and side armed. This can be hard to impossible to do with a longer rod . Its just too heavy.

Anyway…yes wind resistence.

Try a 11 foot surfcasting rod in 45mph winds. Its a full body effort and need 4 oz of lead to cut through the wind.


Wind load is a quantitative measurement. Each rod has it and it can be calculated.

Engineers use it all the time. I’m just too lazy to calculate it on my long rods.



Ahhh yes, sorry for my ineptitude. Should have read closer.

Me too.

It’s a wicked thing though and sometimes more evident than others.

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Definitely a factor on longer rods. I don’t notice it on 4m rods, but on an 8m salmon rod there is very surprising amount of wind resistance. For shorter rods, it is there but I think most people would not notice it.


It’s odd, where I notice it most is in wind. It changes my stroke and my cast goes to nothing. I then adjust my cast in power and stroke back to where it should be.

The resistance on the rod can be felt in the rod, like weight on the tip, it fools me. But I learn to adjust.

Going back in my memory to when I experience it is fun but it’s a pain for sure.

The Oni Type I will throw 20ft of #2 fluoro level line +tippet and fly amazingly into or across the wind, a small diameter rod and line cuts through the wind better than anything else I’ve tried. The Nissin 380/390 Honryu rods cast smoothly and have a small diameter but being a more full flex rod they deflect more when pushed by the wind, which is the reason I sold them. When it comes to a fatter but stiffer (higher penny rating) rod I can make it work by gripping and ripping with the same light level lines making accurate fly first cast but it does take more effort too control the rod and I sometimes have to make in cast adjustments when the wind swirls. Rod length makes a difference also, 4m rods are the longest I’ll use, that is the maximum length I can comfortably cast all day while fighting the wind, rods shorter than that are not too much of a problem but you do fight the wind more with a fatter rod no matter the length.