(Kohei Yamamoto ) #1

Trouts live in the river or streams nearby the distillery of Japanese whisky.
I heard that the river nearby the distilleries in Scotland and Kentucky too.
By the way, Scotch and Japanese spell whisky, Irish, American and Canadian spell whiskey. But it doesn’t matter.
I like Scotch, Japanese and American(Bourbon, Tennessee, and rye).
Do you like whisk(e)y?

(Gressak) #2


For a while to was into the scotch, but last few years I have been into the american whiskey’s especially bourbons and ryes.

I really dig this outfit. Has everything…great whiskey and interesting history.


(Rob) #3

Kentucky bourbon

(Kohei Yamamoto ) #4

American: Wild Turkey, Knob Creek, Booker’s, Maker’s Mark etc…
Japanese: Nikka
Scotch: Uncountable single malt and blended!(Especially The Naked Grouse is inexpensive though great)

(David Walker) #5

The beverage popularized by Prohibition, aka the Volstead Act. Not into spirits myself. Once every few years is my pace.
If you like the taste, just don’t over do it, or you’ll pickle your liver and die younger than you ought to. :frowning:
As for the different spelling. I think comes mostly from Noah Webster’s efforts to increase the cultural distance between America and King George & Britain. By dropping letters, reversing letters, or adding one. :wink:
Probably an interesting story for a fish biologists to figure out why fish have a taste for the distillery effluent.

(Bart Lombardo) #6

I have been enjoying this of late.

(Adam Trahan) #7

Jack Daniels.

That is the stuff.

My old FF friend sent me a bottle of Glenlevet (sp?) that is 15 years old. I like Macallan 12 year old.

I don’t know much about the differences, I just know what all of them do when I drink enough.

I like Sake much more…

(Peder) #8

I love it. Bourbon or rye is my first beverage of choice. I prefer it neat; please don’t mess with it. Okay, I’ll occasionally drink an old fashioned, but that’s the limit.

In no special order of preference:

  • Knob Creek
  • IW Harper
  • Angel’s Envy
  • Bulleit
  • Maker’s Mark 46
  • Whistlepig (on special occasions)
  • Basil Hayden’s

Although not bourbon, I will on occasion also have Nikka, when I can find it.

@PanfishOnTheFly - I’ve heard of Rock Town before (read about it online) but have never had it before.