Where are you?

Eastern California, with amazing fishing in every direction, the canal a block from me is full of browns, rainbows, bass, carp. While the mountain streams and lakes are world class fishing.

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Hi everybody, I’m living in Rome and I started with Tenkara fishing in the 2009. Thanks


Davide, welcome to 10CT. Thanks for joining. :joy:

I’m wondering if you are the same Davide that encouraged Yuu Cadowachi to answer a question I had about what is - a hanagasa kebari - several years ago the TUSA forum.

Yuu seems to have tired of updating his blog or had to devote more time to other life obligations, and hasn’t added new content to his blog for over 2 years.

http://petauro.hatenablog.com Kebari Tying

Anyway. I am not the only David in America, and you’re not the only Davide in Rome. But your name seems familiar to me. Looking forward to reading your future contributions. :smiley:

Just moved to Pocatello, Idaho :+1:


I live in the French Alps and fish mostly within up to an hour cycling from my house. Plenty of high gradient streams and native Mediterranean brown trout.


Hi, honestly I don’t remember this thing about Yuu but maybe many years have passed. I think that the chances that it is me, however, are very high because I believe I am the only Davide tenkara fishing in Rome . I hope to be able to contribute a lot in the future also because over the years I have produced 3 TV series on tenkara and written several articles for magazines specialized in fly fishing. See you soon
ps: Sorry for my bad English



Maybe you will recall your Jan 30, 2010. TUSA forum if you look here:
tusa.com/forum What is Hanagasa Kebari ?
"… The blogger is Yuu, a friend of mine on facebook, part of Mosca Valsesiana facebook group. I just sent him the url of this thread so he can help us. :)

We organized a fly swap for Valsesian fly fishing style. Seven “little trains” as we call the tipical tip with three or more valsesian flies. …"

And, I think, many people are familiar with videos from your – mmmuuuccc YouTube channel.
Particularly the videos of Valsesiana style fishing, and of Masami Sakakibara (Oni) visiting Italy.


This video deserves more views than it has received thus far.

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AHHH It’s ok! Wasn’t me… He don’t live in Rome but in the north of Italy (beyond the barrier :joy:)

Ah, well, I thought we had perhaps crossed paths before. But sometimes I make wrong interpretations of clues. The youtube channel - mmmuuuccc - seemed to perhaps match the first 3 letters in your middle name - Muccino. :smiley:
However, thanks for joining this forum. Looking forward to your input. I used to frequently look at some of the tenkara blogs in Italy, but haven’t looked at them for a couple of years.

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