Where are you?

(Colby Farquhar) #63

I’m from oklahoma. Been fishing tenkara for about 4 years now I think. Mostly fishing warm water for everything from micros up to smallmouth/black buffalo. Local trout are mostly stocked tailwaters with limited reproduction. I try to make at least 1 trip a year to somewhere with wild trout. This next spring will be the Gatlinburg area for sure and hopefully California, and hopefully white mountains in the summer and or utah in the fall, just depend on the wife and which of those she wants/we can afford to take. We have lot of travel wants lol!

My goal is to catch as many wild salmonids in their native habitat as possible. So far my only natives are greenback cutthroat and coastal rainbows. Hope to add brookies and Gila/apache this year, with goldens and utah cutthroat as a possibility too.

Ive never come across another tenkara Fisher, and only 1 or 2 that knew what it was. I have had the pleasure of introducing several people to it that I have met on the river and were curious.

I’ve been browsing the forum for a long time, but plan to be more active in the future

(Peder) #64

Welcome @Okcaveman, thanks for sticking around. Everyone is welcome, whether it’s just reading or participation, just glad you’re here and getting something out of the forum.

(Colby Farquhar) #65

@Peder I’m definitely getting something out of it, thanks for making it happen!

(russell austin) #66

Hey guys,

Been lurking for a few months and decided to join in.

Picked up a Tenkara rod this past summer after watching a thru-hike video on YouTube. It ignited my interest and am now knee-deep in learning my way to a better understanding and honing my skills at this craft.

Initially, I picked up a Sato rod which served me well for my intro (and still does) I’ve since begun to explore other rods to fit the conditions in my home area here around Austin, TX (and the occasional trip to other regions in the USA).

Trying to absorb as much info as I can especially via tenkara blogs/forums, online video tutorials from the guys at Discover Tenkara and of course from Chris Stewart’s Tenkarabum site.

Having a blast trying to translate what I’ve learned and put it into practice out on stream.

Look forward to many future conversations here and big thanks those responsible for providing this forum.

Since starting Tenkara: I’ve fished Trillium Lake (under Mt. Hood, where I caught my first trout), the Deschutes, and Metolius in Oregon. Last month I tried the Kern River above Kernville, CA and of course I’m hitting up the Guadalupe here in Texas as often as I can.

Upcoming in 2018: planning a trip with 2 old friends this march to Colorado to try our luck in the Aspen valley area on the Crystal River, Frying Pan and Roaring Fork to name a few. Also, going to meet my dad & brother in Park City, UT later in the year.

(Peder) #67

Welcome @mellotone. Glad you’ve joined us and thanks for joining the conversation.

(Rob) #68

You won’t need luck if you fish the Fryingpan. You just need to be present. Those fish will jump on your hook. You should look at Rocky Mtn National Park also. Tons of fishing there. I’ll be there in September.

(russell austin) #69

Hope you’re right Rob, either way just looking forward to 4 days in the heart of Colorado with non-stop fishing. Even the house we booked backs right up to the Roaring Fork, so should be a blast.

I know March in CO is still cold and packed with snow but I’m still hoping to try to access some smaller streams in the area if possible. Open to ideas if any of you are familiar with the area.

Yeah, I’ve heard RMNP can be pretty stellar.

(Rob) #70

Colorado’s best time to ski is the springtime. I used to look forward to that part of the season when I skied. Some of the the heaviest snowstorms hit the high country during March and April.

(Steve) #71

Same here in Alaska.

(Mark Fishburn Jr) #72

I live in Easley South Carolina. Lucky enough to be in one of the few counties that house trout in SC as well as other species. Also not far from NC but I have not ventured up there for fishing yet. :slight_smile:

(Mike Shelton) #73

Back in 1995, I was in Loveland, Co. for water chemistry training at the Hach Chem. Co. and it snowed over a foot in the Rocky Mnt. National Park. I was blown away; it’s a lot different in Virginia during July. Like 90-100 degrees and 85-95% humidity.

(Rob) #74

Most of the state’s tallest 14ers are in that park. It’s not uncommon for snow to fall year round.

(Carl Anderson ) #75

Boise Idaho here. Bummed to see no other Boise folks on this forum. Tenkara seems to be growing slowly here, many folks recognizing my rod when I’m on the Boise River. Quite a few of the people in our mountain biking/bikepacking scene are into it, which is how I was introduced to it. One of the bike shops here is more adventure oriented, and carries a bunch of TUSA and Dragontail rods and tackle!

(Rob) #76

I fished around Palisades last year and into Alpine WY. Nice state you have there!

(Adam Trahan) #77

I’m from Phoenix, Arizona, the trout capitol of the world.

(Vladimir Bushclyakov ) #78

Привет, а я живу в России, Кольский полуостров, город Мурманск. Лето короткое,но зато полярный день.

(todoroki toshirou) #79

Привет, добро пожаловать! :hugs:
Я Нагано в Японии
Лето короткое, а зима длинная (полгода) :wink:

(Steve) #80

Anchorage, Alaska

(Adam Trahan) #81

На Кольском полуострове много возможностей для рыбной ловли! Сдайте в аренду несколько фотографий. Я рад, что вы здесь.

(Vladimir Bushclyakov ) #82

Да,Адам,рек и озёр у нас очень много и рыбы пока хватает. Только сезон короткий,но мы компенсируем зимней рыбалкой. Фотографии буду выкладывать.
Приезжай, посмотришь сам.