Where are you?

(Rob) #41

N. Texas. Fortunately there’s two stocked ponds here for trout during the winter. Closest river fishing is to the south in the Brazos River which is also stocked in winter. I have a 2nd home in NM 7 hours away and it is in the mountains. There’s a mountain stream there as well as access to some spring creek fishing on private land.

(Fisher Mirto) #42

Just moved Tehama Co. California just south of Redding. I haven’t wet any flies yet but I have several creeks close to the house.

(Anthony Naples) #43

Located in Pittsburgh PA, I mostly fish the wild brook trout streams of the Laurel Highlands in SW PA and my local warm water smallmouth creeks. Occasionally venture to central PA. The current location I’m in love with for tenkara though is SW Wisconsin Driftless. Tenkara Heaven!

(Tom Davis) #44

Welcome, Anthony! It’s great to have you here!

(Anthony Naples) #45

Thanks Tom - I’ve avoided forums for a while now - I can tend to get too obsessed :slight_smile:

But the down side of staying away is that you miss out on good discussions

So I’ll probably peek in from time to time to see what’s up - and learn some stuff - but also try to keep my habit under control

(Ron Thompson) #46

Ohio. Flat land to the West, Hills to the East, North Coast a half hour away.

(David Walker) #47

Ron Welcome to 10CT forum.
I think this will be my 7th summer tenkara fishing. During that time I’ve only once meet another person on the river fishing with a tenkara rod. That was on the Greenbrier River near Cass last summer or maybe the summer before. An older and tall man from Columbus who was fishing with an Amago rod. Maybe only twice met someone on the river who had even heard of tenkara. And I’m always amazed that no one ever ask about the long rods I am using. I guess where I live I am blessed with people who have the attitude to mind their own business. Anyway, my brother and sister, and several cousins live in Belmont Co. Other cousins live in Westerville, and Fairborn. My son is going to school in Lima.

(Ron Thompson) #48

Thanks for the tip on this site. I’m in North Central Ohio, Richland County. I bought the Amago on the recommendation of a friend and fished it last Summer on the Clearfork and a few of it’s feeder creeks. Found that I was a tad ‘overgunned’ and bought a Nissin Zerosum 360, 6:4. I’ve built a few PMQ’s (Bamboo) and am thinking about a ~9’ three piece Tenkara.

(Evan R.) #49

Howdy all. I’m a long-term resident of Prague, Czech Republic, though I’m originally from central / northern California. I’m a newbie to tenkara and hoping to use it for trout and grayling in beautiful South Bohemia this summer. I have loads of stuff to learn, and lots of posts to read here.

Thanks to Peder for starting this forum, and thanks to all of you for sharing your know-how.

(Peder) #50

Hi Evan and thanks for joining us! I hope you enjoy your time here.

(Paul) #51

I live on Melbourne’s northern fringes in Victoria, Australia. Within a two hour drive I could be fishing in the Victorian high country for trout or fishing off a pier for squid down the Mornington Peninsula in Port Phillip Bay. Closer to home 30-45mins will get me to my favorite creek.

Previous to Melbourne, I lived in Townsville, Queensland Australia, up in the tropics. There I could fish the estuary 200m from my balcony and catch flathead, mangrove jacks, queenfish, trevally and the mighty barramundi. I wish I knew about tenkara then as I would have loved chasing the tarpon in the wet season.

(Joakim Karlsson) #52

I’m in Sweden, have lived in various places. The name of the province translates to “The Valleys”, and we all know what’s in the bottom of a valley. So I couldn’t be happier.

(Evan R.) #53

Is that Dalarna? I’ve been there for a beer festival once. Beautiful place. Welcome.

(Joakim Karlsson) #54

Yes! That’s county ‘Dalarna’, Borlänge town to be more precise.

(scott) #55

Currently in Haikou, China. Fly fishing here sucks pretty bad, though keiryu with bait not so much. I’ll be back in the Sierras of California in a month though.

(David Hallman) #57

Greetings All!

Currently, I am fishing from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Had been doing conventional fly fishing in and around the waters of western Hokkaido, but finally just got into tenkara after holding off for way to long. Just recently bought a Nissin Pocket Mini 360, which is great for my bike - subway - bus commute to nearby streams. Still learning, but fishing here has given me greater connection to my adopted home.


(Peder) #58

Welcome to the forum David, I hope you enjoy yourself and good luck fishing.


(todoroki toshirou) #59

Regions of yearning for anglers :smiley:

(Paul Pruss) #60

Hello All,
New to Tenkara & new to the forum.
I live in Tasmania. Australia and mostly fish still waters. Early season fishing (August/September in the southern hemisphere) here is focussed on “tailing trout” that forage for worms and frogs. A long time traditional fly fisherman, I’ve come to enjoy the solitude and natural environment more than chasing fish and I’m very much attracted to the simplicity and philosophy of Tenkara. I don’t have any Tenkara equipment at the moment but I’m reading like mad to get a better idea about this different way of fly fishing and how I can make it work on stillwaters.

Cheers & tight lines!

(Peder) #62

Welcome to the forum Paul. I hope you enjoy your time while here. We have a couple of others from Australia that participate here, though I do not recall where they live. I realize it’s a big country. Either way, maybe you could connect with them.