Where are you?

(Christopher Webster) #21

Sounds great. When the weather warms up I would love to plan a trip. I have been dying to try some streams in VA and WVA. It really is not far from here at all.

I will also be more than happy to show you some of our Western NC streams if you would like to come down here.

(todoroki toshirou) #22

I am in Nagano which is the mountainous region of Japan

If me ride a car will catch fish in mountain streams within an hour

But if it is not spring, there will be too much snow :sob:

(Warren Michael Kookagee Shelton) #23

This sounds awesome. Thanks. :smile_cat:

(Michael Agneta) #24

I live in Northeast Florida - home to prototypical tenkara water…

Seriously, lots of ponds and lakes to chase bass and bream which can be lots of fun. Originally from Pennsylvania, that’s where I got started in tenkara. Closest trout (my preference with tenkara tackle) to me are in Georgia, have even been known to share a stream with that @Owl_Jones guy…

(Chris Lynch) #25

Awesome, my wife and I finished up or to to Japan back in October with two days in Fukuoka. I love hakata ramen!

(Kohei Yamamoto ) #26


Welcome to Fukuoka!
Plz feel free to ask me anything about Fukuoka!
I like Hakata ramen too!

(Chris Lynch) #27

We loved walking around Hakata. Canal City was cool, and all the yatai on the canal were awesome. So much good food in Fukuoka.

(Horia Popescu) #28

I’m from Timisoara, Romania and around me only warmwater is present. So I used to catch small chubs and roaches on tenkara method. Wild trouts require longer trips and free time is hard to find these days.

(Martin) #29

Grayson and Mt. Rogers are great. Fantastic fishing around there.

(Martin) #30

Currently in Hangzhou China. Lots of Carp and Koi everywhere. No trout. Closest reliable trout waters are Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Formerly based in Suburban Northern Virginia and fished any trout water within 3 hours drive including stocked urban creeks along 495. Hoping to hit up some new Japanese water in April when my visa is due for renewal.

(Chris Lynch) #31

Martin, have you fished much in Korea?
I’ve been twice (a year each time), before i was into fishing, and will likely do another year starting in Jan of '19.

(Martin) #32

Not yet Chris, but I’ve read up on the trout species to be found there. We will definitely travel there while in China so its only a matter of time before I give a try.

(Chris Lynch) #33

If you are still in China when/if I wind up back in Korea, you gotta come over and we will chase some Lenok and Cherry Salmon together!

(todoroki toshirou) #34

I have been back and forth between China and Japan over the past year
My residential location in Zhejiang China
Lots of Carp and catfish

I will try tenkara to Carp and catfish :smile:

(Kohei Yamamoto ) #35

I sometimes try carp fishing by Tenkara.
Carp are nice fighters like big trouts.

(Martin) #36

Definitely look me up if ever in Hangzhou wher ein Zhejiang are you. I was just down in the South to Yentang Shan last weekend.

(Martin) #37

Definitely and if you want to visit China I can host. There is supposedly some native salmonids in a remote part of China,…

(todoroki toshirou) #38

Hangzhou is the neighboring city
I am Two years work in Jiāxīng Shì
I am returning to Nagano in Japan now because of the 春節 (Chinese Holiday)

(Zoan Kulinski) #39

Hello, I live in a small town in south, central Wisconsin called Hustisford, population 1100. Im about 90 minutes from the famed “coolie” region of SW Wisconsin. There are literally thousands of miles of spring creek trout fishing here.

(Peder) #40

Back when I had family that still lived in southern WI, I used to go hunting near Beaver Dam. Beautiful area.