TUSA material

(Gressak) #1

I find that TUSA sort of has been lost in the shuffle and is not credited enough with some of the great material they have. Often very informative and concise.

I dig this one so much. No nonsense fly tying.

Dig around and note the dates of some of this material. Great…great stuff.

(Jay Johnson) #2

They suffer from constantly using recycled content. We owe a lot to Daniel but I get the feeling he just doesn’t have the passion that he used to.

(Gressak) #3


Its really hard to know what it means to own a
company in this sport. I dont know Daniel personally
but I owe him a lot for my own introduction to tenkara.

Its easy for us, the consumer, to be critical about companies
that serve us. I always try to imagine walking a few
miles in their shoes and its easy for me to rationalize
their choices and to become more understanding.

Anyway…that footage of Sebata is solid and i have
been meditating on it. I had been poking around in
some of the old footage and was surprised how early
some of the footage is and how detailed and relevant
it stll is in my fishing…so many years later.

(Carl Anderson ) #4

I noticed this too and agree. I was excited about their “Ten” webzine, but turns out most of the articles are just old blog posts…

(Adam Trahan) #5


I’m grateful for all that Tenkara USA has done yet my appeal for their info stream is lost.

I wish them well for their 10 year anniversary Summit.