Thinking of a gathering

(Tyson Sparrow) #1

I bet the hardest part of a get together is the distances between members. I’m thinking of reaching out and trying to organize a tenkara week or weekend in the eastern Sierra. Our mountain streams are made for tenkara, the fisheries are fantastic.

So I’m trying to gauge interest before further organizing. All are welcome, I could possibly arrange for pick up transportation for those who might fly in.

For those who may be interested please post here. Even if you can’t make it but are interested post.

If I can accommodate anything I would be happy to.

(Gressak) #2

Definitely interested.

This year is booked already for me in terms of trips…but ever since you started posting i got to thinking about the sierras and the golden trout you have out there.

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(Tyson Sparrow) #3

That’s my thought is camp up in the golden trout area.

(James Hopkins) #4

I like the idea, and have a little long ago past history with the area, both eastern Sierra and golden trout. But, I live with a work/life schedule that runs roughly a year ahead and once set is pretty inflexible.
Given that, if you’re thinking 2020 I’m very interested, 2019 would be perhaps possible but might be difficult.

(Tyson Sparrow) #5

You guys make a great point, I was thinking this year, but it’s better logistically to plan for next year.