The Underwater World of Trout

(David Walker) #1

I purchased these videos on DVD from UnderwaterOz, (Wendell Ozfovich) several years ago, and found them to be informative.

Recently, over the past six weeks, YTC - The New Fly Fisher - has uploaded them, I am assuming with UnderwaterOz’s permission. Maybe you will find them interesting too.

Original source, which has additional videos:

Both are about one hour in length

The Underwater World of Trout | How They See

Trout Vision & How They See Predators

This next one isn’t one of UnderwaterOz’s videos, but it is interesting and was uploaded yesterday. And it’s only about 2 minutes in length.

Why Fish Will Hold in Front of Rocks | Hydro Cushion

(Nick Pavlovski) #2

There is no interesting new anime to watch this season, so i’ll watch these! Thank you so much!

(todoroki toshirou) #3

Thank you so much for introducing wonderful videos.

(David Walker) #4

I am pleased to read you found them interesting. Since he uploaded the first video in late November and the second video in late December I am wondering , hoping he may upload the third video later this month.

(Mike Shelton) #5

I met this man in the mid-1990s when he was giving a presentation at the University of Maryland during a fly fishing show. He was amazing and had a wonderful slide show presentation. I bought the first 2 DVD’s but maybe it is time to purchase the last 2 DVD"s. The first two are great so I am sure the last two are just as excellent. Mr. Ozfovich is a great person. Even though he has a wealth of information, he seems very humble and willing to help anyone that wants to learn. ><))))))*>

(David Walker) #6

I believe if you look at Ozzie’s website there are only 3 DVDs available: Vol 1Discovery, Vol 2 Feeding Lies, and Vol 3 Trout Vision and Refraction.

The fourth title listed, Vol 4 Not Just Trout, is one of four onsite banquet presentations he offers. Perhaps the same one you saw at UM in the mid 1990s.

Vol 4 Not Just Trout - why do we love to fish?

(Mike Shelton) #7

Thanks David, so I only need one DVD to complete the series. I haven’t gone on his website yet, but I will soon to make an order. Thanks again.

(Gressak) #8

I followed Davids advice a year or so ago. Its a great series.

(olivier) #9

The third volume was uploaded just a few days ago. It’s wonderful, no less. I’m so grateful for this guy’s dedication.

(David Walker) #10

Olivier, thanks for checking and the update.
I had checked 10 days ago to see if the third video had been uploaded because it was around the 25th of Dec, and Jan. when the previous 2 videos were uploaded.