Tenryu TF39TA Furaibo

Anyone here own this rod?

I use it as my only tenkara rod in mountain streams and it’s really doing it well.

I would like to start a focused discussion on this rod to compare notes.

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I do own this rod. It is a fantastic all around rod. If I were going to focus and only use one rod it would work. I’ve been able to fish very small creeks and larger rivers with it. I think this rod combined with the Nissin Tenkara Mini as a back up are hard to beat. I’ve never broken the rod (knock on wood) but had some encounters with fish that probably would have but luckily had 5x tippet on. I e-mailed Tenryu awhile back asking them to make one in black with a stiffer action. I also wouldn’t mind the grip being a bit larger, but can live with it.

This is a pic I took with a larger cutthroat that Chris Stewart liked for the web site:



What lines do you use?


I’ve experimented with lots of different things. Currently I’ve tried to keep it simple and have been using a #3 level line oni orange at just below the rod length. That works in most situations, but it does feel too short on larger rivers so I’ll extend that a ways beyond the rod length. I haven’t measured it, but I go with what feels good in casting and what type of fishing I’m doing. If I’m doing more nymphs / euro / tactical whatever then I like it on the shorter end usually and go with a longer tippet section. If I’m doing more of a Kebari and manipulated type presentations then I’ll go longer level line and shorter tippet section. I don’t feel like I have it really figured out yet, but that’s what I’ve been doing most recently.

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I do sort of the same thing, I use a 3.3m #3.5 for my short line for tight quarters casting and a 5m #3.5 at distance. The rod is used either fully stretched (90%) or at short length the rest. I used it at mid length on purpose once for one fish and it was awkward for me, long or short , that is how I use it.

Super accurate, tough (more glass than most rods) and it disappears in my pack.

I believe out of the dozens and dozens of rods I’ve used out of the years, it is my favorite rod. Although I would like it in matte black, I’m actually ok with the color and I’m not a fan of red for my stream side color palette.

There is only one other rod brand that I find is like Tenryu, it is Sakura. They look like they are made by the same craftsmen…

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That’s actually been my experience too with using it either at the longest length or the shortest. There isn’t enough of a difference to justify the middle setting for me to bother with it. I wonder if Sakura or Anglo or someone would make a custom high quality rod similar to the TF39TA in a black with a little better grip and two zoom positions. It would have to collapse as small as the TF39TA at a minimum. Also I’d want it between the TB40 and the TF39TA. The TF39TA is a bit soft where the TB40 is a bit stiff. I don’t know if that balance can be achieved where it’s great at playing with Kebari’s and handling bead head nymphs in a tightline style. The TF39TA is usable at nymping though so I think it can be done.

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I’ve thought about contacting them for a small run but most wont be bothered by it.

Too much of a hassle for them.

Besides, it’s not the color that has much to do with anything for me. It’s sort of an attitude, I even stuck a shiny reflective sticker on mine, it doesn’t matter really.

I like the rod.

Nothing about the action would I change.

The matrix is perfect too.

I don’t think people understand how delicate and tough rods are with some glass in them. Sure, there will be someone that will break one, I’m not that person.