TenkaraBum 33

On Saturday a Father’s Day present showed up in the mail, a TenkaraBum 33. I was able to take it out on Sunday for a couple of hours fishing on a nymph. My first impressions are: 1) It’s slightly stiffer than the TB 36. 2) It has a very positive hook set 3) Casting a nymph was both effortless and accurate. I was using #4 level line the length of the rod and about 3 ½ feet of 5 tippet. I will check out both dries and kebari next. I really like this rod.
TB 33


David, I’m glad you like this rod. I really like this rod also until my son “borrowed” it. With luck, maybe the TB 33 will get returned so I can fish with it again. Let us know how it all turns out. I only used this rod once before it went MIA. I’m interested to know your impressions of this rod. Thanks.

I went out tonight with the TB 33 using a size 16 elk hair caddis and it was very easy to cast. The next time out I’ll try some kebari but don’t expect to have any problems casting them.

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Well, I’ve been out 3 times with my TB 33 and have landed about 40 trout. I’ve used dries and nymphs but so far no kebari. It casts incredibly well and accurately with either a dry or nymph on #4 level line. I’ve been mostly using nymphs because, for the most part, the trout have been really deep. Of the 40 fish I’ve probably only taken 6 on top or right after the nymph lands. The other impressive thing is the hook sets. I have lost very few fish after setting the hook. I really, really like this rod. If you are looking for a shorter rod I would highly recommend the TenkaraBum 33.

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