Ten Bum traveler

Who has experience with these rods? The 39 length really does fish each of my favorite lengths. I could see it as the perfect car rod or general carry rod. I know I’m sick…,

I have the original before it became the Tenbum branded one, in the 3.9 meter length.

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I had the previous version as well. I had the lillian glue joint fail two separate times and then sold the rod, so I probably wouldn’t go back to this one again. I also have learned that I vastly prefer having a grip on my rods.

Aside from that, it was very handy in terms of the zoom. If I was going back to the well for something similar I’d get a TUSA Sato since my Rhodo has proven to be (so far) indestructible.

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Me too. As I understand it, the the original has a slightly higher penny rating.

My ten bum 39 traveler arrived today, I took it out in the yard, tied a 4m line and casted at each length at various targets in the yard. The rod is fantastic, I completely understand the idea of a 3 zoom rod that can fish 99% of everything. My job requires miles of traveling and mandatory lunch breaks that happen to among the best fishing around. Why not take advantage of this! I may be conveniently happen to have a great traveler rod with me each and every day!


it is pretty versatile

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