Skunked again at the local stocked pond while the powerbait guys cleaned up. Any tips?

(Carl Anderson ) #1

Just got back from the local urban stocked pond, where I was skunked yet the powerbait fishermen were catching trout after trout. I was throwing my usual black wooly bugger (usually a killer!) some kind of dace streamer, San Juan worm, and killer bugs. I stripped, twitched, jigged, and just plopped them out there and waited. Not even a nibble. I’m not a fly snob at all, but I’d just rather fish with my own flies, especially since I’ve spent so much time and money on tying materials. Any tips?

(David S Riley) #2

Have you tried smaller midge type flies? It can be surprising what a #18 - #22 will attract,
Just a thought,


(James Hopkins) #3

Recently stocked fish seem to respond best to something flashy with lots of movement. They’ve spent their entire life confined and being fed pellets, a nice natural looking bug means nothing to them. Try adding some gaudy flash to your buggers tail, and maybe a little splash of red by way of a red bead glass bead head.

(Gressak) #4

Not much to do. Hard to beat powerbait.

You could try an estez egg. Round like a pellet and flashy.

Tenkara techniques can be applied in ponds but all in all…they will serve you better in a river or b4ook.

(Carl Anderson ) #5

This is a good idea. I don’t tie my buggers with any Crystal Flash or sparkly stuff, and I bet a green or red bead could be taken for a powerbait ball. Thanks!

(Carl Anderson ) #6

I’ve not, but that’s a good idea. I’ve some small zebra midges tied up leftover from winter, I’ll give them a try!