Simms Keen River Sandal

(Chris Lynch) #1

IMG_20170524_141500 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

IMG_20170524_141444 by Chris Lynch, on Flickr

I had been waiting for these on ebay for months. Set up a daily alert. Finally some showed up on there last week, both in my size and my wife’s. Total cost for both was <$75 shipped. Hell yeah.
Won’t be able to get out and try them on a slick trout stream for at least a few weeks, but I’m very excited!

(Peder) #2

Interesting with the felt soles. The water around here has been a little on the cold side this year. Last weekend when I started fishing on Sunday, it was 47F (8C). I didn’t even step in with wading boots and neoprene wet socks. But I can see how they’d be fun in hot weather like you have down there.

(Chris Lynch) #3

Yeah it’s been in the 90’s for a month at least here in AL, but these are more for N GA and W NC. It’s hot up there too, and water will mostly be in the 60’s. I don’t wade much, just shallow water and stream crossings. I will hike in with these hanging off my pack, put them on streamside.

(Ron Thompson) #4

Drat! Now I hafta’ go look these up. Been using Keen’s for wet wading without much problem, thanks for the tip.

(Chris Lynch) #5

I’ve been using my normal keens and they are mostly great until you hit the slick stuff.

(Ron Thompson) #6

Okay, a little help if you please. Am also using the Keen hard soles, but would like a pair of these. A quick ‘net search doesn’t show, Simms, Keen or REI. Discontinued due to felt sole flap out West? Who has em’?

(Chris Lynch) #7

Haha did you read my post?

eBay. They were discontinued back in like 2012.

(Ron Thompson) #8

Not well enough, evidently. Will have to stay with my ‘Redneck studs’, Aluminum rain gutter screws.

(Chris Lynch) #9

I set up an eBay alert it was super easy. Just search Simms Keen.

(Peder) #10

Haha. When I read that, my mind went completely elsewhere for a brief moment…

(Warren Michael Kookagee Shelton) #11

These are amazing wading shoes!! I have seen them and some others by Simms in a catalog. One pair
was a lot more than $75, so you got an awesome deal for 2 pairs less than $75. You got a steal from eBay.
I know you and your wife will love these wading shoes. Will you still wear wading socks with them for added protection? I’m glad you got a great deal. :wolf:

(Chris Lynch) #12

Unfortunately I too found out why they were short-lived with Simms… they simply started falling apart very quickly. No amount of shoe goo could keep the soles on.