Sierra Designs Flex Capicator 40 - 60 Backpack

(Adam Rieger) #21

So I’m not a backpacker yet…and my wife put a delay on that :cry: but…I had been doing a lot of reading and asking questions of experienced people. I think the main reason the mesh outer stretch pockets became important is because of the use of roll top cinch down main compartment bags. It is basically a pain in the ass to grab something fast on the trail with that system out of the main compartment…so the mesh outer pockets let you have quick grab items stowed there and you can see them. Skurka addresses this issue in the FC by making the top opening a zippered u shape with pockets so you can get quick easy access to a bunch of stuff right on the top of the pack. He also put a water bottle holder on the strap so the two side mesh pockets can stow other things as well. Wet gear is not really going to dry crumpled up in a mesh pocket anyway and if you are worried about putting it in the bag you can always just strap it on…so all a personal choice but the design seems to make sense.

(Chris Lynch) #22

I totally agree. Plus the mesh back pocket just isn’t possible with the gusset design, he even said so on Reddit when challenged about it.
I think the pack makes some very reasonable compromises.

(Gressak) #23

Mesh is cool i guess. Really depends how much brush one is encountering on the trail.

I am not very experienced but i like a pack without many external frills. One compartment and a couple side pockets…is more than enough. Its funny…trends. the first pack i bought was around 2002. Funny how dated that pack is. All the packs then had about 200 straps hanging off them. For adjusting all kinds of stuff and lashing a wholle bunch of extra crap.

Never really used much of it. By todays comparison that pack is hideous in its design…and heavy…but its not a fashon show nor do I backback more tha a few days…so even that old pack is fine.

I really feel peeps get carried away with features and current technology. Excuses to upgrade.

That said the flex capicator looks great!!!

Back country luggage!!!

(Gressak) #24

One other note. I am a huge fan of roll top bags.

I got a previous year model deal on a 45L arcteryx roll top…back around 2004.

Zippers fail they get jammed and they are not completly waterproof. I roll top solves all of it.

I think that is one feature I would not change about a pack and consider it a negative on any pack.

This is the pack:

yeah…yeah…its over a decade old…but still considerations noted for guys like Rieger looking for packs.